Sorry I'm not Sorry

for not blogging for almost a week. I know you all wait on the edge of your seat for my blog posts. I just wasn't feeling it

that Dexter Morgan is treated 1000215512020 times better than most people I know. I treat him like the little Prince that he is. I don't mind spending my hard earned cash on treats, toys, clothing

he has enough clothing to fill up one dresser drawer. Ryan has to learn to share with his son

that I refer to Dexter as my "son"

that my Minnesota Golden Gophers beat the #1 ranked team Indiana Hoosiers last night


that I don't feel bad for people who have to drive in the snow. Grow a pair and buck up, drive slow and stop your bitchin'.  Just because I grew up in Minnesnowta doesn't mean I enjoy driving in it. I just had to learn to adapt to the conditions. you should to

I think its stupid that kids get ribbons and trophies just for participating. If you win you get a trophy, not just for showing up.  Just because you don't want to hurt someones feelings.  The generation who gets participation trophies is royally fucked


for swearing on this blog today

that I didn't make the bed today. Sorry Ry!  but I bitch at  him about not making the bed 

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  1. Haha, walter is my son. I spend more money on him than anything else (except bills). He's worth it.

  2. I was definitely rooting you on last night and was SO happy to see you get the W.. Oh and don't get me started on participation ribbons. I firmly believe they are the root of so many problems with kids!

  3. THANK YOU! Participation trophies/ribbons are the wussification of America along with my personal favorite of "use purple pens instead of red when correcting papers because red is too harsh", give me a break! Thanks so much for linking up with us!

  4. Participation awards are the WORST. THE WORST!!! Raaaage! Also, love your pup's name.


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