I'm the kinda girl who......

would rather go camping than sit on a beach 
enjoys bison meat to hamburgers
prefers water to any other beverage
listens to sports talk radio in the car

drinks beer and hates wine
loves cowboys
can never learn enough about history
only drinks things with a straw
uses post it notes like crazy
hates talking on the phone
enjoys hanging out with my dog son to humans
would love to have grown up during the "Wild Wild West"
will stay at home to read vs. going out drinking with friends
believes my blog friends know me better than my IRL friends
is finally confident in wearing glasses 24/7
enjoys road trips to plane rides
is always cold
believes actions speak louder than words
thinks Tom Brokaw and Brian Williams are the sexiest news men around
lives for new movies and music on Tuesdays
prefers mystic tan to laying out in the sun
hates the sound of people licking their fingers
is lucky have met the man of my dreams
carries wet wipes all the time, everywhere
would be okay getting married at the justice of the peace
prefers sharp cheddar cheese to chocolate
believes that Buffy and Angel had the best love story of all time

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  1. You are cute! Love this post but man we are so different :) I think the only one I can relate to is the talking on the phone bit ... I hate it too!

  2. Cowboys & Brian Williams - YES MA'AM! :)

  3. NO phone! That's on my list. I'm linking up on Thursday.

  4. Oh my gosh...I can relate to SO many of these things! Love your post!

    1. I love this. And I carry wet wipes with me at all times, too. I buy them in bulk!! haha

  5. mmmm i loveeee cheese... i would pick it over chocolate any day!

    stopping by from the link up, great post!

  6. What a fun post! I agree with the cheese... The sharper the better too!

  7. I've always wanted to wear glasses, isn't that weird and now you are comfortable with them ;)
    I hate the sounds people make when they are drinking, the gulps, smacking ughhhhhhh i hate it.
    Also, I want to know more about mystic tanning! I've never done it before, but need to stay away from tanning beds with my fair skin! Suggestions for a first timer?

  8. I love your list because it's so different than mine and so different from me! I love learning new things about people and your list is refreshingly different! Thank you so much for linking up!

  9. I think what I love most about Brian & Tom (yeah we are on first name bases) is that they are so smart. They carry themselves so well. I live for Tuesdays when new movies come out! (Argo comes out today! whoop whoop) I could see us living by each other and having movie dates almost every day! lol

  10. I am with you on the stay home and read a book part

  11. We have so much in common!!!
    I love my pup and would rather hang with him than most people.
    Staying in to read is my ideal Friday night!
    I loveeee Buffy and Angel and totally thought they were the best love story until Meredith and Derek came along on Grey's Anatomy! lol
    Beer is fantastic...wine not so much.


  12. It's awesome that you prefer to drink water over everything else! That's a great habit to get into! And it's also great that you're confident in glasses. I've never worn contacts, just glasses, but I still don't like them!


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