if you really knew Dexter Morgan

hey its your favorite serial killer Yorkie on the blog today. I hear that people like it when I yip yap on this blog, so here I am again. My mom talks about me from time to time   all the time, but I wanted to give you my prospective.
if you really knew me

you'd know that I eat better than my 'rents do. yup fo real yo. I could stuff my face all the time with my favorites: carrots (cooked or raw), oranges, and apples. I can never get enough. Well my mean Mama determines when I've had enough. NOT FAIR.

you'd know I haven't met a pillow I can't say no to yet.... Pillow are so soft, clean, and the perfect girl-friend.   I can't help my-self sometimes. My Mama and Papa get real mad when all the pillows are off the bed when the come home. Sometimes I need a little variety. #knowwhatimsayin

you'd know my Mama rescued me from a "puppy mill", we didn't find out till two years after she rescued me that it was a "puppy mill".  I'm so glad my Mama got me outta there. 

you'd know my Mama picked me out online. I did have a brother she could have taken home, but when she came to see me she fell in love with me. #mostpeopledo  

you'd know I don't like to share. I especially don't like to share my Mama.  you see my Papa tells me all the time that I'm "cock block".  I'm only 21 and don't know that lingo yet. He gets real mad at me sometimes. All I wanna do is share smooches with my Mama.  I hate it when other pups, kitties, or babies are around. They get more attention than I do, and I can't handle this. It kills my ego.

you'd know that if you offer me a bone or treat I won't eat it right away. I was taught early on about "stranger danger", and to not take candy from strangers.  I will take the treat and hide it all over the house, in shoes, in blankets, in the closet, under pillows, you name it I've hidden it there. 

you'd know I have a refined palate and prefer cat food to dog food. Which works out for me cuz the cats like my food. My Mama tells me I'm gunna turn into a kitten. I think its happening... when my belly gets upset and she tells me kittens are in there. maybe I'm gonna be a Mama. I dunno. I don't like cats too much. cuz they don't like me. #whatsnottolove

you'd know I also like to play in the snow. I love, love, love the snow. Other people tell Mama about how their dog child doesn't like to play in the white stuff. its amazingly fun. My Papa and I roll around in the snow and get crazy. I also like to "draw" in the snow. I can only "color" in yellow. boo!  

you'd know I sleep under the covers. yup love that. 

you'd know that I become Dracula when my Mama tries to clip my nails. she gets real mad at me.  I feel bad afterwards, but boys don't need manicures. 

you'd know I can't stand to be alone. It was worse when I was a young tyke, I'm slowly trying to cope with my parents leaving me.  I don't see why they don't just stay at home and play with me. 

you'd know my 'rents are cray cray and name all my toys. yup, its weird. I don't care what the name of the damn toy is, I just wanna play with it. 

you'd know I have the best 'rents a pup could ask for. Even though my Mama can smother me sometimes  a lot. I wouldn't have it any other way. 

you'd know I have a massive closet. my Mama shared some of my clothing with you a while back. It was so embarrassing  She acts like I'm a model or somethin'. oh wait I am. 

you'd know I always have my head out the window. Even if its -15.  I fight with my Mama until she hands over control of the window. #ialwayswin
you'd know I like big bones and I cannot lie.

you'd know I told my Mama when I was done with puppy pads. yup, I rule the house. I grew up and became a big boy overnight.

you'd know I love the lawn mower. 

you'd know I have a huge fear of cows. 


  1. I love this post! I love your normal posts too, but for some reason when I read Dexter Morgan's post I can totally see him saying all of it (cuz he is, right?!)

    Have a great weekend DM, I hope you get to play in the snow lots!

  2. He is adorable. And hilarious! :) Love the picture of him with his head out the window!

  3. Haha I can't with Dexter Morgan! Big bones ay? haha! He is still so adorable!


  4. Hahah, so cute!! My dog LOVES carrots too, it's like candy to them!

  5. Ahhh this is sooooo great!!!! I really need to do a post that tells a lot about Walter someday!

    Dexter Morgan is fantastic! :)


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