10 on Tuesday

1.) Clearly I've learned to compromise in this relationship. We are seeing A Good Day to Die Hard, as our date night for Valentines Day.  Yup, not exactly my idea. but Ry-guy is extra special to me so I caved. I actually went above and beyond and scored some advance screening passes for tonight. Two days before everyone else gets the pleasure to see it. I spent Monday night trying to watch Die Hard, and the couple others. I made it through one. whew! Bruce Willis actually has hair in this flick.

2.)  Ry-guy finally got fed up with the magazine addiction situation.  Monday night I came home to this. I was also told I need to read the magazines. He told me some issues are from '11. whoops!
3.)  I think I'm the only person not watching The Walking Dead.  The subject doesn't interest me one bit, but everyone I know is watching this show. Am I really missing something? Its been on my Netflix Instant Queue forever.

4.)  I learned this weekend you can't please everyone, and I certainly can't win them all. Slowly trying to come to terms with this. 

5.) Am I the only person with a cat who does this? I feel like he's slightly abnormal. 

6.)  If you're in the market for some new tunes, do yourself  a favor and get the new CD's by Gary Allan, Tim McGraw, Bruno Mars, Alicia Keys, the soundtrack to TV's Nashville,  and Ne-Yo.  Some of these CD's might not be brand new, but soooo worth a listen, and a purchase. Don't steal your music! 

7.) Speaking of paying for music. I actually purchased this song. I'm obsessed.  Please still be my friend. 

8.) I have developed a serious girl crush on Kate Upton, daymmnn girl!

9.) I'm so mind boggled at this Chris Brown and Rihanna romance. She gets the crap beat out of her and she is all lovey dovey with him. #idontgetit #somegirlsneverlearn 

10.) I'm excited that Ry-guy will be guest blogging a few times in the coming weeks!  #getexcited

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  1. Haha my family's cat back home is a weirdo too and she loves too drink fronted faucet!

    Walking dead is awesome because its realistic to how people would behave in apocalyptic /zombie ridden America. Plus there are always amazing twist and turns AND they aren't afraid to kill of main characters which is refreshing.

    1. My parents cat does the SAME thing..haha

      I can't stand Nicki Minaj - and I sorta have to like/tolerate J.Beibs (I have two daughters - enough said) but, I really REALLY like that song.

      I don't get the whole Rhianna and Chris Brown romance either. But, I will say Rhianna was STUNNING at the Grammy's in that red dress and her long hair.

      Excited for Ry-Guy's guest posts!! :))

  2. I've never seen Walking Dead- I want to watch it too but I don't know if I will like it.

    My cats growing up would ALWAYS sleep in the sink. Must be the contoured curved bowl and that it keeps heat with the ceramic/stone etc.? No idea.

  3. I resisted watching The Walking Dead for a long time, I believe my exact words were: "Zombies are gross." That is true, but the show is extremely well done, and like Meg said it isn't written to be a show about zombies, but to reflect human nature during an apocalypse.
    I love J.Biebs and that song is certainly one of my favourites, I always chuckle when she says "Gotta keep an eye out for Selener."

    Happy Tuesday :)

  4. My cat use to do that. Now she is too fat to fit in the sink. Ha! and that song is on my iPod too!

  5. I refused to watch the first season of the Walking Dead because I don't care for zombie things, the first season was ok, second season was slow, and this season is the best by far! Good stories lines! Give it a chance, you may like it?!
    Also, I think it looks bad of Rihanna to take him back. She has the power to show light on Domestic Violence and she isn't doing a very good job.
    I can't wait to read Ryans' posts!!

  6. Jamal really wants to see Die Hard too, I have no idea if I have ever seen any of the other movies but lucky for me we can wait and go another time V-day (if we have time) is for safe haven :) love him

    I have no interest in the walking dead either. I feel kinda left out.

    Seriously Ne-yo is the best!! and I love Biebs song

  7. You haven't read any of those mags? Holy moly girl...

    I am not watching Walking Dead either! But after seeing Warm Bodies I might have a bit of a Zombie addiction/obsession haha

    Thanks for linking up!

  8. 1. Bruce Willis with hair. Crazy shit. Ive always liked those movies though. Hope it was good.
    2. Aw, that's just the nicest thing. Mostly because if my spouse had all those magazines I'd probably of tossed them, not nicely organized them haha.
    3. You're nuts.
    4. I heard that. Good luck.
    5. Ha, my MIL's cats do this all the time. Scared the hell outta me the first time I used their bathroom.
    7. Noooo!
    9. She's a damn moron.

    I'm a little late in commenting but thanks for linking up with us!


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