who says Winter can't be fun????

Most people dislike Winter. I'm not the biggest fan, but I've decided this Winter I don't want to stay inside and hide from the cold.  Last night I started working on a Winter Fun List.  Living in Minnesota we have tons of fun options for fun activities.

My list so far...

Ice Castles @ Mall of America

Ry-guy and I both love history.  We attempted to go when we first started dating, but they were closed. I can't wait to take him here, since he's never been.

Attend a Minnesota Wild Hockey game

Minnesota is known as "The State of Hockey".  Finally the Hockey lockout is over and NHL Hockey will begin in Minnesota again.

Attend a Golden Gopher Hockey and Basketball game

Both Men's teams are national ranked.  The Hockey team is #1 in the country.  The Basketball team is #10 (as of last night, and they had a huge win last night)

Go sledding

Have a snowball fight


I'm hoping to make it to the MIA before the China's Terrcotta Warriors exhibit ends

Build a snowman

We need some more snow for that.  It would be nice to get more snow, but hopefully on the weeekends, so I don't have to drive in it.

 Science Museum of Minnesota and OMNI theater to see "Tornado Alley"

 Plan a weekend Winter getaway
pretty self explanatory. nuff said.

Go to Weisman Art Museum

I walk by this Art museum almost everyday. I need to step inside one of these times.

so glad they brought this event back to St. Paul again this 

Minnesota Timberwolves game

We really love sports in our house. The T-Wolves have been playing pretty decent as of late. Hopefully the trend continues.


  1. I LOVE Winter. This list sounds like a lot of fun! :)

  2. I have some of these on my list too! I really want to see the castle at MOA!

    1. The Chinese Terracotta Warrier Exhibit is a must-see. Very interesting. :)

      Also, another fun event to think about adding to your list is the Art Sled Rally in Minneapolis. It's on Saturday Jan 26th. Can't remember the time, but it's in the early afternoon, I think.

      I also want to visit the ice castles at the MOA - my kids would LOVE that.

      Awesome list of things to do. I may have to reference this when we have a few spare moments this winter. :)

  3. love this list! now that the holidays are over we've been looking for wintery activities :)

  4. Let me know when you hit up some of those museums. I'd love to go.

  5. I didn't know there was this much fun stuff to do! Sounds gun!

  6. This is a great list!! I have been wanting to do a few of these as well. Hopefully we do soon before we know it it'll be spring!!

  7. I'm gonna go to the ice castle next week. So excited!

  8. Great list of stuff! Way to stay positive in the dark part of the year ;)


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