weekend recap...on a Tuesday...

oh heyyy its Tuesday, and I haven't blogged since last Wednesday. Life got in the way, yet again... we attempted to have a social life this past weekend, which was fun. Sunday I got sick, and I've been home from work the past two days. Bored outta my mind. even those Salvatore brothers can't keep the boredom away. 

I know you've all been on pins and needles wondering what we did this weekend, here goes.

Friday, night, we went out with some friends to celebrate my belated birthday. We hit up Burger Jones.  I'd heard great things about this place. It was decent. I thought it would be better than it was. The food was subpar. Ryan and I love beer cheese soup, so of course we had to get some. It wasn't very flavorful.  Ryan didn't even eat more than two bites. That's saying something for him.

we enjoyed a new brand of hard cider. Somersby. Very good!

my bison burger. fun fact, I love bison meat.

Ry's burger creation 

Saturday, we hit up our usual lunch spot. Which Wich. If you've never been there, you must go immede. Its a sandwich lovers dream.

Saturday night was game night.  We played some awesome games.Cards of Humanity is my new favorite game. Just think Apples to Apples goes to Hell. yeah its bad. but in a great way..

I was a #bloggerfail and didn't take any photos! 

Sunday I started to get sick and miserable. BOO!


  1. I have been wanting to play Cards of Humanity!! Never have.

    Too bad about Burger Jones - I love it! Have you been to Lion's Tab over in EP? Delish!!!

  2. At least I know that I'll have a hoot of a time when I visit! :P That bison burger looks amazeballs!

    Feel better sugar!


  3. I've been wanting to try Which Wich but my husband doesn't like sandwiches very much. I hope I can try it soon! :)


  4. Aww I love Burger Jones!! The side portions kinda suck but other than that I think it is pretty good.

    I have seen Which Wich but haven't stopped in. I will have to pay it a visit soon

  5. Did you go to the Burnsville Burger Jones or the Uptown one? I've only been to the Uptown one and have had really good food every time. I've heard the Burnsville one isn't as good for some reason...

  6. I will admit I clicked this in my Google reader because of the Salvatores. *sigh*


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