there really is a holiday for everything..

and not everything needs a holiday. January 21 is National Hug Day. Why on earth do we need a National Hug Day.  I'm not sure if I've ever told you, but I HATE, HATE, HATE hugs.  Hugs are super uncomfortable. 

If you are crying and need a hug, I will walk away.  I sound like the biggest meanie head in the world. I'm not, I promise you. I just don't do hugs. I will console you from across the room. Or at least attempt to.

Well I do hugs from Ryan, and went I attempt to smother cuddle with Dexter Morgan.  

oh and from these cuties. But seriously that's it!

Although, I do agree that we need a National Donut Day, I mean donuts are effing fantastic. Nuff said.

Are there any National ______ Day that you find stupid?


  1. National Talk Like A Pirate Day (September 19th) is pretty stupid, if you ask me.

  2. I think most of these made up holidays are stupid.

    Is there a National Booze Day? cause I could get down with that.

    I have an old friend who hates hugs and i always forget that and attack her with one when I see her. oops!

  3. You hate hugs?!? AH!! I'm such a hugger : ) I pick on my friends when they give me a one armed hug...those suck. I tell them to give me a "Danny Tanner" which is a big ol' bear hug!! You remember him from Full House?! He loved hugs haha. Okay, now that I sound like a total creeper....I'll go now : )

  4. I hate made up holidays! Like 'Sweetest Day'...cause Valentines day isn't enough?! hehe. I didn't know you hate hugs! I'm a hugger! I will try to remember not to hug you when I see you! Maybe I can break your habit!

  5. Ohmygaaahh there seriously is a holiday for EVERYTHING these days! Right ?? I mean National S'mores Day ? It's true :) Google it lol..

    Hugs to my new blog friend!

  6. Haha there is a day for everything! I didn't realize how so many people dislike hugs. I really have to keep it in mind all the time since I love hugging.


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