a look into my closet, not hers, mine...

Yo doggy people! (get it? its almost like Yo party people!) Dexter Morgan here today.  My Mama's been boring you with recap posts. Enough about the last year already. Can I get a bow!, wow!

I figured it was time to show off my closet to you. I have an insane amount of clothing. My Mama would spend her whole paycheck on my clothes, if my Papa would let her.

I'm sharing some of my most embarrassing moments with you.

She loves me in pajamas. I don't get it. I look funny in them. My legs are too long to fit into the smalls and I'm not large enough for a medium. I'm a smede as my Papa calls me. (Small/Medium put together) for all you non- hipster peeps.

I'm sure you dog owners have bought a sweater for your mutt. Well let me tell you- I'm so over this sweater shit! Look at a sample of my closet. Its outta control. she needs SBA Sweater Buying Anonymous. 

Please for the love of well me.... Make her stop! Papa has tried but she doesn't know how to quit.

(keep in mind, these looks are only a few, a few of the sweaters I own)

Now we move on to jackets. I'll admit I do enjoy wearing a jacket when its -10 outside. I kid, I kid, she doesn't make me do much other than my bidness outside in that weather. Sometimes I get this crazy itch to go for a walk, when that happens, this happens....

Last but not least, my least favorite costumes!!!! this is a cruel joke I tell ya. Whoever invented puppy costumes was not a dog. Seriously these things are soooo uncomfortable.

Puppy parents don't let their puppies wear clothes. That's my new motto for 2013.  Still working on my Mama to understand that. PLEASE SEND FOR HELP! for her, not me.

Think twice about getting that itcy wool sweater for you mutt! The more you know. -That sounds like a PSA I heard once on NBC. 

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  1. I think you have more clothes than I do! bol

    Hope you're having a happy new year!

  2. I can't get over how cute this is!!! My pup & I blog over at www.life-actually.net

    Dexter, you are adorable!

  3. Hey, I nominated you for an award - you can see it here: http://www.life-actually.net/2013/01/liebster-award.html

    Hope you have a fantastic weekend!


  4. Omg! I love his clothes!
    Why would you not want to keep him in clothes? They are adorable.
    If you ever want to give them away, I would love them! :)

  5. He looks sooooo cute!! I love dog clothes! And sometimes they look so cold, they NEED sweaters! I am dying over those pajamas, might have to get some of those for Sunny!


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