2012 year in review, pt. 2

Yesterday, I shared my year in review January-June. Today I'll share with you July-December, this is when life got interesting. 


We hit up the town festival for the 4th of July. It was a lot more fun than we had anticipated. 

In July, we made the decision to move back home! Back to Minnesota!

You really got to know me.

Both of my boys had birthdays this month. Dexter turned 3. I made him a birthday cake and he had a puppy party. Lucky dog!

Ryan turned 29, on July 27.  

We were lucky enough to spend his birthday in Minneapolis. 

 We received tickets from a great friend of mine to hit up the Minnesota Twins game, at Target Field. I'm not a Twins fan, but any chance I get to hit up Target Field I do. 


I started packing for the move back to Minnesota. I spent as much time with co-workers as I could. I said goodbye to Missouri State and "the bear".  

Dex and I left Missouri.

Ryan came back for a wedding we were supposed to attend. Well he got sick this time and we missed the wedding.  A few days later he was feeling better and we hit up the "Great Minnesota Get Together", the State Fair.


I posted for the 200th time.
I met some wonderful bloggers from Minnesota.

 I went to Iowa to celebrate Isiah's 4th birthday.

   I ended up going back to Missouri for two weeks.  Accepted a position at my dream company.  Patiently waited for Ryan to come home. Not knowing how long it would be.


I started my job. I knew I would love it. They welcomed me with open arms. 

After what seemed to be the longest month and a half. Ryan finally made the trip home for good.  We moved into a new condo.  My little family was back together.


I finally went to the doctor for the continuing pain in my right thumb. After several x-rays and visits to the doctor. I found out it was broken. 

We spent a fun low-key Turkey day here in Minnesota. and one in South Dakota.

 I enjoyed some time off from the new job. I started working at a Mass Bookseller for the holidays.

We celebrated the birthday of my great friend Christina. Our first night out since we'd been back.


I went to my first concert since being back in Minny,  My friend Christina and I went to see Florida Georgia Line, Love & Theft and Jake Owen. 

We had our first busy weekend with friends a birthday party and housewarming party in the same night


had a festive Holiday Party with my MN Bloggers and Santa

I celebrated my 31st birthday. 

Ryan decorated our tree 

We celebrated the Minnesota Vikings making the playoffs

We rang in the new year at home with Dexter.  No other place I'd rather be.

I hope you enjoyed my year in review.  I hope 2013 is even better.


  1. Looks like a great year & even better that your back in MN!!

  2. You've had a great year! I love that you went to a blogger meet up..that's on my list of things to do in 2013!! How far is MN and GA?!!

    1. What a FABULOUS year..so glad you made the move back to MN and so happy to have met you on some super fun MN get-togethers.


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