2012 in review pt. 1

With Gratitude, Year in Review 

We celebrated our first New Year away from home (down in Misery  Missoura) It was hard being so far away from everyone we loved. We tried to make the best of it.  Not as easy as it sounds.  We tried to enjoy a Winter with 3/4" of snow.  As much as we hated snow, we missed it. A LOT!

We passed the time with movies, endless hours on Pinterest, discovering new authors, reading books, and  scrap-booking (yes, Ryan scrap-booked )

who knew Dexter would love to scrap-book 


We purchased Missouri plates for our cars.  We figured we would be in Missoura for a couple years.  I signed up for my first blog swap, and became addicted to "swapping".  Much to Ry's dismay.

  We celebrated  Hallmark Holiday  Valentine's day.

  I shared "our love story" with you.  
Our Princess Hailey turned the big 4!

Dexter started his modeling career.

  I officially became a "Big Sister".

Dexter became besties with the lawn mower.


My Mama came to visit me for Easter. We had lots of fun (and many) photo shoots with Dex.  We visited the St. Louis Zoo. 

We tried Jack in the Box for the first time.  

I was fortunate enough to hear Elizabeth Smart speak.
Ryan's best-friend (since 3rd grade) got married. Unfortunately, I got sick the night before and didn't attend. I was dying to go and catch the bouquet. The wonderful bride sent Ryan home with it. 

before our flight back home to Missouri, we met up with family. We had no idea when we might see them again. 


Ryan and I celebrated two years together. We spend the weekend in Harrison, Arkansas. We did some hiking and sightseeing in the Buffalo National Riverway. 

It was so much fun! It is a beautiful quiet place to getaway. Hopefully we'll make it back there soon. I started sharing our movie reviews with you, which I think could be a fun link-up. Thoughts?


I celebrated one year of blogging. I never thought I would keep up a blog for that long. Excited to share my 2013 adventures with you. 
A couple of my favorite authors released new books. I started to share book reviews.  I started to spend more time reading. After nine months of living in Missouri, we finally hit up a bar. Not like bars we've been to in Minnesota. 

Celebrating a co-workers birthday

Our first night at a bar in Springfield

Please stop back tomorrow for July-December review.

Happy New Year 2013!



  1. Dexter is a great scrapbook helper! I really want to get back in to scrapbooking! I used to do it all the time but I don't anymore!

  2. Blog hopping and came to yours! Dexter is such a cutie! I LOVE the picture in your header:)


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