13 in 2013

Last year I made 12 goals (not resolutions) of things I wanted to accomplish in 2012. 2013 is no exception, just one more goal. You can see last years list and progress.

1.  Read more. Last year I set a goal for my-self to read 50 books. I missed the boat on that one. I only read 23 last year. I'm going to set a smaller goal of 32 (its my lucky number) for this year. After I hit 32 I will raise it. Can't wait to review books on this blog. 

2.  Spend more time with family. Being away for a whole year and missing birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, graduation parties, and weddings has made me want to spend as much time with family as possible. 

3.  Lose 30 more pounds. I managed to lose 35 pounds since Christmas 2011.  It may not seem a lot of lose in on year, however, I've been able to keep it off and that makes me happy! 

4.  Meal plan.  This may seem like a small goal, however, we need to learn to do this. We waste so much food, and we need to stop now!  We figure if we meal plan we can only buy the food we need for the week and less food will go to waste. 

5. Attend a bloggers conference/meet more bloggers IRL.  Last year was a fun year getting to know bloggers, meeting many Minnesota Bloggers for a couple fun outing  in 2012.  I can't wait for the 2013 Minnesota Bloggers shenanigans  I would love to take weekend vaycays to meet several of the bloggers I feel that know me better than friends IRL.

6. Pay off my car. I only owe about 2,000-2,500 on my car. so this should be an easy one to check off my list. 

7.  Take a real vaycay with Ry-guy. We had this on our list last year, with moving away and than back to Minnesota there wasn't a lot of extra cash to take a trip. This year will be our three year anniversary. We're hoping to get something on the books for that. 

8.  Think about joining Big Brothers/ Big Sisters of Minneapolis. After a somewhat traumatic experience with BBBS in Missouri, I am going to try and work past that, and hopefully start the process all over.

9.  Buy a house. whew! big goal for us. We're really hoping by late Fall/Winter we will be able to celebrate the holidays in our new house. 

10.  Get out more! This seems logical to most people. I really don't mind hanging out at home with my boys. I would love to get back in the swing of things and hang out with friends again. try new things. Attend game nights, concerts, sporting events, try to eateries, etc. My goal is to do two fun things every month. 

11.  Stop signing up for every blog swap known to man. I love the idea of getting mail. I don't love paying for shipping to send items. For the first couple months of the year I will try to refrain from swapping. 

12. BUDGET! and stick to the budget.  Ry-guy and I started a budget on January 1st.  We haven't seen any results in less than a week. I will recap our progress once a month. 

13.  Let go of the small stuff. Sometimes I find my-self annoyed with how Ry-guy does the dishes or laundry. I need to learn that just because its not the way I would do something, doesn't mean it won't work, or the end result will be different. 

What are your goals for 2013?


  1. Great goals! I too want to read more books and meet more bloggers IRL. I definitely need to attend one of the MN blogger events!

    1. Fantastic goals for the year. I like how you call them goals and not resolutions.

  2. Great goals! Let me know if I can help with any of them! Congrats on the weight loss!! Your an ispiration!

  3. Great goals! That 35 lbs in a year made a huge difference! thats so awesome :)


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