12 in 12 recap

I've recapped 2012 with you, and now I want to recap the 12 goals I set for my-self in 2012.

1. Read 50 books. I failed big time at this one! I only read 23.  Boo! 

2. Lose weight. (sorta) Accomplished. I feel okay about this one. I lost about 30-35 lbs since last Christmas 2011.  Ryan also got into the habit and lost some weight as well. 

3.  Go on a real vaycay with Ry-guy. Failed! We took a weekend getaway for our two year anniversary to Arkansas. It was fun, nothing too special. Always fun to spend time with Ry-guy.

4.  pay off my car and other bills. This one is 50/50. We didn't pay off my car but we don't have too much left. We did pay off one of Ry-guys $25,000 student loans, and some other smaller stuff. 

5.  Grow my hair out. Accomplished. Silly goal, I know. Since being back home people have mentioned how long my hair has grown. I hope it keeps growing. I've been taking Biotin and I feel that it has really helped my hair grow.

6.  Go back to school. FAILLLLLL!!! The sad thing is I work in higher education and have my tuition paid for. I just hateeeeeee school. A LOT!  I would like to try one class, perhaps this summer. 

7. Explore Missouri. FAIL!!!! We didn't do much exploring since we left seven months into the year. I hope to go back sometime and explore a few places. 

8. Decorate our home. FAIL!!! We did lots of painting and upgrades to the home in Missouri, however, we left and didn't get to finish those projects. We are now putting effort into our new condo here in Minneapolis. 

9.  See the Bestie more. FAIL! I didn't get down to see her last year. I hope to see her in 2013, and have her FINALLY meet Ry-guy.

10.Spend more time with  family. Accomplished.  I feel pretty good about this one.  Since being back we've spent a few days with Grandma.  I lived with Ry-guy's mother for the first month I was back.  We've been down to Iowa to see his sister and the kids once. Lots of family time around the holidays. Last weekend we spent at the family farm watching the Vikings beat the Packers!

11.  Volunteer. Accomplished.  I became a Big Sister.  It was an experience to say the least. I'm hoping to give it another try in Minneapolis this year. I worked with the kids crafts at the local library in our town in Missouri.  This was a lot of fun! Ry-guy even helped me with some of the crafts. 

12. Be Happy, Enjoy Life, and Have Fun!  I didn't get to do these three things as much as I would have liked. I'm gonna make 2013 MY YEAR!


  1. Congrats on the weight loss! Something i should really do lol. Hopefully 2013 will bring you the best year yet!

  2. I think your before and after pictures are a FANTASTIC accomplishment!!

    1. You look fantastic!! 2013 IS your year....make it GREAT!

  3. Yes! Congrats on the weight loss hun! I'm loving the grown out hair.

    I know that you'll nail everything on that list this year so keep pushing!


  4. You look incredible! Great job on the weight loss!

    And I have to say that reading 23 books in a year is not a failure in my book ;)

    Happy New Year!!

  5. What a fun post. There are people doing review posts but this one's way more fun. You read 23 books out of 50? That's actually really damn great considering I think I read about 3 haha. Ugh, I can feel myself getting dumber by the second. As for the weight, damn girl, you look fabulous!


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