what makes me happy

Things have been really busy at work, and in life we are booked solid on the weekends. It doesn't leave a lot of me time. Which doesn't make me the nicest person to be around. Just ask poor Ry-guy. I've been lucky enough to spend my weekends with some awesome people, and attending several Gopher football games. 

 Often times we forget how lucky we have things in life. 

if you didn't already know these two cuties would be at the top of the list you haven't been around this blog very long. 


I often find myself wondering how we manged to spend a year away from family, while living in Missoura.  My mom is my rock and I'm so glad I manged to make my way back home to be with her, especially after she was diagnosed with cancer. 

country music/concerts

I'm lucky to have the money to attend concerts. Concerts are my "happy place", I wish they didn't cost so much money to bring me there but I'll deal.  I enjoy the time with my friends and the live music part is my favorite. 
my herbie

I love being able to have the freedom to get in my car and drive wherever I want to go. If I want to hit up the library or drive three hours away to see a friend.  being in the car just relaxes me. I can turn on the country radio and drive.

my health

as of late I've come down with some nasty bronchitis thingie. It sucks all the life out of me. However, I am lucky that this will pass (eventually) and I will return to normally schedule programming. errr I mean normal health soon. very soon.  When my mama had her second bout with cancer this Summer, I thought about how lucky I am to be healthy.  


as silly as it might sound, books bring me happiness. I get so excited when I hit up the library and see new books.  or when one of my favorite authors announces they will  have a new book releasing soon.


the excitement of a  new year. I am super excited to give 2014 a try. Its cliche when people talk about how great a new year feels, but its true. The chance to change things you've been wanting to change for days, months or even years.  The adventures that a new year can bring.  

Bring on 2014!

What makes you happy?

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Christmas Card 2013

After many failed attempts at a Christmas card, I finally settled on this one.  


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oh hayyyy, yeah I still have this thing called a blog. I'm trying to get back in the swing of things. for now I leave you with this. The.story.of.my.life. 

See you tomorrow with our Christmas card! eek!

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5 on Friday

1.) I just got off the phone with the Macy's furniture departments and ordered our new KING BED. I can't even begin to tell you how pumped we are about this purchase. It is one of the two we will be buying for our Christmas gifts.  We are currently shackin up in a full size bed.  You see that doesn't work with a 6'5 330lb man, a 14 lb monster who takes up more room than Ry guy does and me. If you add all that up it doesn't work. We had a lovely king bed we left at the house in Missoura for Ry-guys Papa.  We also didn't want the added expense of renting a moving truck to get it back. So we've suffered managed for the past year. 

2.) This weekend I get to cross another concert off the "concert bucket list".  I will be going to see Mr. Brad Paisley, Chris Young, and Danielle Bradbery. She came out during the Blake Shelton concert for one song. I can't wait to see more of her. 

3.)  We're going bowling this weekend.  If I hadn't just bought the king size bed I would tell you I couldn't be more pumped.  I love bowling!  oh and we're going with Meg and Mr. C, so that makes me more excited.

4.)  My Golden Gopher football team doesn't get to play this weekend. They will be resting up to beat 
Bucky and the Wisconsin Badgers next weekend for Paul Bunyan's Axe.  There was a tweet that went out last week talking about College Game Day coming to Minneapolis for this. If this happened I would be OVER THE MOON, PEE MY PANTS excited. #CollegegamedaytoMN  I could cross something else off the bucket list. eek!

5.) We decided last week we're hosting Turkey day at our place. #whatwerewethinking
 More on this later. 

TGIF lovers!

What are you doing this weekend?

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the best feelings in the world

the way my eyebrows look after I first get them waxed

returning the Redbox and only having to pay $1.00

the smell of Dexter after he's had a bath

the excitement of planning a vacation

the way my car looks after its been washed and vacuumed

a cold drink of water on a hot day

when my favorite TV show comes back in the Fall

buying a new CD you've been waiting months for

receiving snail mail

when I first come home and see my boys waiting for me after a long day

how Dexter sleeps after a fun day at the dog park

the anticipation of waiting for the first song of a concert to start

the feeling of an entire stadium of fans has when their team wins the big game

opening a new lip gloss

the way a new bra feels

Sunday morning snuggles with my boys

a fresh mani and pedi

when you receive good news

the excitement of opening a package 

leaving the movie theater after seeing a really good film

spending time with family

the first day you start to feel better after being sick forever

finding your new favorite pen

the promise of a new year

a clean house

seat warmers on a cold day

living in a free world

having you hair colored and styled

having extra cash to send to your favorite charity

reading a great book

choosing to be happy

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5 on Friday

TGIF Friends!

This week has been non stop busy at work. Looking forward to weekend time with my boo, Monkey boy, and the bestie. 
1.  The Minnesota Gophers will attempt to make history for the first time in 40 years tomorrow.  They will attempt to win four Big 10 games in a season.  Here's hoping they can do it!  Sadly, I won't be at the game tomorrow because I will be spending time with the bestie

2. Ry-guy, Dex and me will road trip to Wisconsin this weekend to hang out with Katie and Brent.  Oh and Dex is excited to hang out with Willow and Gracie.  

3. I've been watching Scandal like its my job. OH MY GAWD! this show is intense.  If you haven't watched it, go and do it now. I'm almost done with season 2, and hope to start season three sometime this weekend.  Scandal is like Homeland on crack. Something HUGE happens every episode.  


4.  The CMA awards were on this past Wednesday night. Taylor Swift won some award (that she wasn't running against people) and still made this face.  Does she practice this face in the mirror.  She knew before the show even started she was going to be accepting this award. #juststop

5.  no words for this

See you on the flipside friends!

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get it? funny play on jack-o-lantern. yeah its stupid, but without further ado...

my inspiration

now only if Ry-guy would get into the Halloween spirit

Happy Halloween friends!

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ghosts of Halloween past

In honor of Halloween tomorrow I thought I would look back at past costumes. 

First off, I love, love, love Halloween decorating.  However, I do not like to dress up in costume. 

I noticed my "go to" costume is a baseball player. 

**side note** Let's hope the Boston RedSox win the World Series tonight!

Some of you Minnesota Bloggers might notice that cutie to my left. That is Britni from Britni's Beginnings.

A few years back I died my hair right before Halloween. I had wanted to be Marilyn Monroe but wasn't about to buy a wig. Those things are so damn itchy!

My favorite part of Halloween is finding a costume for Dexter Morgan. Come back tomorrow to see his costumes of past Halloweens. 

I won't be doing anything for Halloween this year. boo! maybe next year I can convince Ry-guy into doing something as a couple. 

What are you dressing up as this year? 

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My Current Obsessions





The Minnesota Timber-wolves open their season tomorrow tonight. I love basketball. NBA or college, doesn't matter to me!

Brad Paisley, Chris Young, and Danielle Bradbery concert.

The Gophers vs. Wisconsin border battle in a couple weekends. Still riding the high of the victory on Saturday over Nebraska. 


I'm loving the fact that I can read my magazines on my NOOK.  

(note, all images taken from Google)

what are you obsessing over?
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53 years

is how long its been since the Minnesota Golden Gopher football team beat the Nebraska Corn Huskers. Whelp, this weekend we BEAT THEM!
It was and will always be epic

fans rushing the field after this HUGE win

and we may have found a Christmas card contender
How did your team do this weekend? 

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this weekend I.....

I didn't get to see Captain Phillips with Meg. boo! I ended up not feeling 100% so I had to cancel. 

watched  42 and Iron Man 3

started and finished season 4 of The Vampire Diaries 

enjoyed a Golden Gopher Football victory against Northwestern




celebrated the Red Sox heading to the World Series

and the best news of the weekend....
I beat Ry-guy at Fantasy Football. woot!

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