What I'm loving (about the holidays) Wednesday

I'm loving our Christmas Tree

I'm loving Christmas movies

I'm loving all the Minnesotan who put up Christmas lights. This weekend we're going to drive around and look at all the massive homes with Christmas lights. Dexter Morgan and hot chocolate are included.

I'm loving holiday themed bedding, towels, and kitchen items, etc.

I'm loving all the festive pet toys, treats and (ugly) sweaters. You bet your bottom dollar that Dexter Morgan will have a full stocking of everything.

I'm loving all the holiday parties, with good food and great friends!

I'm loving all the holidays cards we've received. I'm loving our holiday card. I hope you love it as much.  I will be sharing the card with you tomorrow.  Get excited!

What are you loving about the holidays?


  1. I'm totally loving your tree too. Really really colorful.

    We just went to my husbands work Christmas party & it was pretty awesome. I boozed it up & watched other people get hammered...bring on the rest of the parties!

  2. Love your tree! I like to look at all of the lights people put up too!

  3. I wasn't sure we could be friends after reading that you hate Christmas music, but you redeemed yourself with this post. hahaha!


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