My Current Obsessions


I'm reading Killing Kennedy now. I am very fascinated with the Kennedy family.  

 I can't wait to read the other book Killing Lincoln, both written by Bill O'Reilly and Martin Dugard.

TV Show

There isn't really anything specific, but we've been cooking a lot with the crock pot. 

I haven't been listening to much music as of late. I did just purchase Ellie Goulding CD on ITUNES.

Entertainment Weekly is the only magazine that I've been reading as of late. Even though I have all of these to catch up on

my birthday next week. I'm having a really hard time with the number this year. I feel like the years just keep sneaking up on me. 

The Minnesota Golden Gophers Basketball are ranked #16 in the country.  They've been playing pretty good ball as of late. 

I was really hoping that the NHL would get this lockout shit together and just effing play hockey. Being from the "state of hockey", without any hockey is lame.


Christmas Music. I HATE IT! I especially hate the radio stations who started playing it around Halloween and the rest joined on the bandwagon after Thanksgiving. 

What are your current obsessions this month?

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  1. Homeland's been SO damn good this season. Last season was pretty 'meh' but they stepped it up a couple of notches with this one.

    Holy cow that's a lot of magazines. Seriously. Get to reading girlfriend.


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