Minnesota Bloggers Holiday Party

Last night 14 Minnesota Bloggers met up at the Mall of America, for a Holiday Party-blogger style.  Special thanks to Carolyn and Kelly for planning everything.

We started the night off by meeting Santa.  He was a really good sport with having all 12 of us a baby in his home.

Middle Row- Becky & Bailey, Me, Dawn, Santa, Kelly B., Melissa, Brittany
Bottom Row- Kelly, Syndal

After Santa we had dinner reservations at Dick's Last Resort.  I had checked out their website yesterday and was quite nervous as to what to expect.  When we walked in the wait staff started yelling at us (part of the experience)  and brought us to our table.  While at the table we were told it would be a sarcastic dining experience.  It sure was...Later in the evening they made (some crude) hats for everyone.  It was a great time   had by all.

During dinner we started to open our gifts from our "Secret Santa".  

What would a blogger meet-up be without lots of picture taking


Special thanks to Bridget for being an awesome "Secret Santa"!


  1. So good to finally meet you!!! I hope that cast is off and you're healed up soon!!

  2. Such a fun night! Dick's Last Resort WAS quite the place, haha! :)


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