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Katie tagged me in Chrismas Tag.

She asked the following questions

What's your favorite ornament on your Christmas Tree?

I have a lot of favorite ornaments. Last year, I shared some of them. Ry-guy and I started a tradition to get an ornament with the year of every Christmas we've spent together. 

My wonderful BFF and I do an ornament swap each year. She is the best at finding the perfect ornaments. 

I went through a faze last year and wanted nothing but Peace sign ornaments.

Is there a certain food you have to have around Christmas time that comes out?

I don't have a specific food. I do love to eat (beef) summer sausage around this time of year, with some sharp cheddar cheese and crackers. 

Christmas Lights, White or Colored?

Mulit fosho! 

Favorite Christmas Movie?

What do you do the day after Christmas Day?

I normally lounge around most of the day, hit up the stores later (if I do at all), possibly see a movie.   This year I am lucky enough to work at both jobs! woot! I normally take vaccay the week of Christmas- New Year's, however, this year I took time off around Thanksgiving. 

Happy Holidays!


  1. Home Alone is definitely a favorite of mine!

    Merry Christmas to you & yours doll. May this season be amazing for you.



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