I'm loving that as I write this post its 56 degrees and I have the windows open.

I'm loving that I have the next six days off. This means lots of time with my boys, movies, catching up on magazines and books.

I'm loving that Ry-guy started his new job and loves it!

I'm loving Ginger Ale!

I'm loving that I am lucky enough to not have to work tomorrow or Black Friday.  I will not be shopping on Turkey day or early Friday (if at all).  People should get to spend time with their loved ones.

I'm loving that I finally sent out my birthday party invite.

I'm loving that I spent time with my cute niece and nephews last weekend.

What are you loving???

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  1. I'm loving that picture of Dexter on your blog title!! He looks so serious! I'm definitely NOT loving Ginger Ale! Yuck!! Hope you enjoy your break, doll and Happy Thanksgiving!


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