What I'm Loving Wednesday

I'm loving that I finally have an appointment schedule to get my cast off. Assuming all goes well and my thumb has healed, on December 10, my thumb will be a free woman!

I'm loving Homeland, we finally after -everyone and their mom told us we need to see this show started watching it. On Saturday we are having a Homeland marathon.  Can't wait!

I'm loving that Dexter will have his photo taken with Santa this Saturday. We might have a photo for our holiday card. Here's hoping he doesn't get scurrrred of Mr. Claus.

proof he used to love Santa

I'm loving the blogger love lately!  You guys have been so sweet and encouraging, even with my lack of blogging. THANK YOU!

I'm loving that I now have three ugly sweaters to choose from for the Minnesota Blogger Holiday party next week. Thank you Goodwill, and people who had hideous fashion style, and paid full price for these gems.

I'm loving  that college hoops are back. The Golden Gophers are rated number #18, and beat FSU last night. Go Gophers!

What are you loving?


  1. Yay! Hope you get the cast off soon! Ahh Dexter looks so cute with Santa. I hope he doesn't get scared and you get an awesome picture. That would be a great holiday card.

  2. Yay for ugly sweaters!! Excited for Tuesday :-) And isn't college basketball just the greatest??

  3. a fun post! good luck with all the cast stuff...my son broke his finger 6 weeks ago andhe couldn't do any sports and that stunk for him. guess you will have to go to therapy ... and hope the card copies out just perfect! have fun.
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.


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