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 Fun turkey day fact, Minnesota produces the most turkeys in the United States.

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I grew up about 10-15 minutes north of Minneapolis, so I will share the fun things in my "hometown, aka the Twin Cities".

When I tell most people I'm from Minneapolis the first this out of their mouth is "How cold is it/does it get up there?"  If I had a quarter for every time someone asked me this. I would be sittin' pretty.  
my response is "well it can get cold, but you kinda get used to -20 air temp, with a -40 windchill." 
 this is the look I normally get

yup that look.
 next question "how much snow is up there?" well normally there is a good amount of snow, like the year before we left MN to move to Misery Missoura. 

that my friends would be "the beast" aka Ry' guy's wheels. 

So it snows here. It gets cold. We are also lucky enough to have four seasons. Very defined seasons. 

we have Target Field, home of the Minnesota Twins.  The 2014 All Star game will be held here.

we have lakes, over 10,000 

we have one of the largest State Fairs in the U.S.A

we have a great group of bloggers from all over Minnesota

The Twin Cities is the headquarters to several large companies.  Target, 3M,  Best Buy, and Honeywell.

I hope you've enjoyed learning about my hometown.


  1. Minnesota is the best of 50 nifty United States!! And some pretty awesome bloggers come from here too. :)

  2. Dude, you guys have how many lakes? That's insane! Also, I'm jealous. I have the ocean but lakes are awesome too cause there aren't any big waves & I like that. I dont need to be taken under the tide by some big ass mofo wave...nuh-uh.

    Also, that's a lot of freakin' snow. I dont think I'd ever leave the house if I had to deal with snow. I'm always cold haha.

  3. Now I feel like a complete wimp because I've been complaining at great length all week about how cold it is here. -40?????? I would die.

    Also I'm loving that cute puppy!

    Thanks for linking up!


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