guest blogger-Dexter Morgan

Howdy Y'all-Dexter Morgan here. I was just practicin' my best twang voice.

My Mama developed an accident from living in Misery Missouri. Nuff about her.

Actually back to my Mama again, you might have come here lookin' for her.  You see she's been MIA around the Blogosphere- as you already know. She might have complained told you she hurt her paw. I've heard her yappin to Papa about it hurtin' a lot and stuff. She had this big ol' thing on her paw for a while. Then she was yappin' even more to Papa about it, they left me home alone  she went to the Doctor. The told her her paws thumb was broken. She came home with a huge green Alien on her.

I think Alien is a great name for "it"

Let me tell you how much I hate this thing!!!!!!!!!!!! she swings it around in her sleep-she's even hit Papa while he was sleepin'. it takes up a whole pillow to sleep on, MY PILLOW!  this means I get the shaft, pushed aside, sent to the end of the bed. I don't share thing (incaseyoudidntknow) especially my Mama and my bed/pillow.

She keeps yappin' about bloggin' so I did it for her. Hope you enjoyed the update on my Mama.

Enjoy your weekend pups!


  1. Aww, I hope your mama feels better soon Dexter Morgan! Hopefully the alien goes away soon, too! :)

  2. Dexter, you be nice to you mama! It has to be hard with that thing on!

  3. Awww Dex, how sweet of you to keep up with the blogging for her :) don't worry though...as soon as that alien goes away, she's back to giving you that extra love! I'm sure she appreciates what you're doing for her right now.


  4. Haha this was a cute post! I hope you get out of that cast soon. Must be super uncomfortable to sleep with.

    BTW, hello! We've been partnered up for the holiday swap. What kind of things do you enjoy during the holidays. I read that you don't want/like tea or coffee. Hot chocolate is yummy. Do you like gingerbread cookies? Candles? What's your fave scent, color?


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