Friday's Letters

dear books, I'm glad we've found each other again. I'm loving Gone Girl, I can't wait to see how you end.

 dear kitchen table, glad you're here. I've missed eating on a table. dear cast, I'm hoping we'll be together only a week or two longer. I hope the doctor thinks the same way.

dear Christmas cards, I need to find a family photo-stat! Otherwise our Christmas cards are gonna be lame-o. dear cutest kids on the block (aka- niece and nephew), I'm so glad I had the chance to spend a few hours with you. I love you guys so much! I laugh so much when we hang out.

  dear Minnesota Timberpuppies, I'm glad NBA basketball is back and I love watching you guys play.

dearest Dexter Morgan, you are meeting Santa next Saturday-let's try to not have a meltdown this year.


  1. I LOVED Gone Girl. At one point I found myself getting mad at my husband, because I was thinking about him in that position.

  2. You must let me know if the book is worth a read!
    Hope you get your cards out soon. I make my cards each year, I do them over a few days when Im feeling crafty :)


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