Thank You

As many of you know, I've moved back to Minnesota and Ry-guy is still in Missoura.  We have yet to find a home in Minnesota, therefore, all of our mail is still being sent to our Missouri address. Each day around 6 PM- I call Ry-guy and ask him what was in the mail. Most days he tells me about the magazines I've received.

Yesterday was different. A "Thank You" card was sent. Not just any "Thank You" card. This card was sent from overseas, Ry told me it was sent from an APO (Army Post Office).

A little back story...

A couple of months back I posted about a great article  I read in People.   The Books for Soldiers program. As soon as I heard about this program, I went to the site and started reading about items that soldiers had requested. Some wanted books or magazines, others wanted energy bars, some wanted new a new toothbrush and toothpaste.

 In the Dexter Morgan household we are HUGE couponers. We have a decent stockpile of items we use and sometimes we find deals/coupons for stuff we don't use or need. We purchase these items knowing we will donate them to the local food shelter or domestic abuse center in town.

While on the site, many of the requests were for some of the basics we take for granted  I went to work. I found several posts that requested items that I had on hand.  The next day we sent of three care packages full of requested goodies. From then on, Ry-guy and I would send off one sometimes two packages each week.  (He just sent of another one last Friday!)

The "Thank You" card was sent from one of the soldiers who received our package

it read:

Thank you all so much for the package you sent. It was like Christmas for my Medical Platoon Div. We appreciate your support and prayers. We will be leaving leaving here shortly and will no longer be at this address for mail.  We hope that you have a wonderful holiday season!

I am so grateful I could send this package to them. To think they had the time to send me a "thank you" for the package I sent them. WOW! They are busy fighting for our Freedom and    took the time out of their busy day to send this to me. It makes my heart melt. Not even kidding. My eyes water as I write this post.

If you have the time and a little extra cash. Please think about sending a care package overseas. 

If you have any questions about Books for Soldiers, please let me know. 

A HUGE thanks to all the soldiers all over the world fighting for our Freedom. 


  1. I think that is so wonderful that you guys send packages. The fact that they wrote a thank you back was awesome!

  2. First of all, I love that they sent a thank you note. SO cool.

    Secondly, whoever write that note has some fabulous handwriting.

  3. Very cool of you guys to do that and so amazing they took the time to write a Thank You!


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