Ten on Tuesday


1.  Halloween weekend came and went and we didn't do anything fun, like we had planned. We moved all our crap into our new place. Glad we're in a new place and my family is back together. Still I would have loved to have seen some friends and relaxed. Oh well, there's always next weekend.

2. Dear ladies, who wear next to nothing on Halloween- Please make sure your costume covers your birth control patch or move the damn patch. I mean kuddos for being "protected" as you are strutting yourself down the street.

3. I hope everyone who has friends and family in the path of Sandy is safe and accounted for. It breaks my heart to see the photos on the news and social media.

4.  Back to Halloween, I'm hoping I can coax Ry-guy into hitting up the cinema on Wednesday night to see Frankenweenie.

I've been dying to see it, and I will be bringing Dexter Morgan back to life someday.

5. our new stackable washer and dryer are the bomb.com. Let me tell you. You push one button for "smart start" and it knows what to wash. amazeballs! Also, instead of that horrid sound when the clothes are dry, it plays a fun (what sounds like) ringtone. I always about poop my pants when that dryer buzzer sounds.

6. I really need to stop with the magazine subscriptions. I ended up moving a huge box of magazines up from Missouri, I took a huge box with me when I left (two months earlier) and Ry-guy ended up bringing another milk crate full of magazines that had come in the month and a half since I had left Missouri. I'm too embarrassed to take a photo of all of them. Just imagine 28 magazine subscriptions x a few weekly ones, x one month for the others x 12 months. Yup, sadly I have some from that long ago. I'm still reading about J-LO and Marc Anthony divorcing. 

7. I figured out this weekend I watch entirely too much TV. but you know what, I don't care. Call me lazy or couch potato. at least I can talk TV with the best of them.

8.  while unpacking all my shit this weekend, I also realized I have 1. too many scarfs, so many the damn coat closet won't close, 2. more plastic tumblers than anyone should have, about 30 or so. 3. 12 boxes fill to the brim with books. I need to jump on the Nook train real soon! 4. I buy treats for Dexter way too much. He gets one treat a day if he's good, maybe two if he's really good. This dog has treats for the next 10 years.

9.  I sleep soooo much better with Ry-guy next to me. The only downside is now we are using a full-size bed, till we get out to replace the king size we left in Missoura. acutally there is one more downside, Dexter thinks he should have the entire bed,  leaving little room for me and Ry-guy sleeping on the floor.

10. I have an addiction to buying items for blog swaps. I have a drawer full of blog swap items. I want to keep them all for myself, but I need to learn to share. I guess I should start swapping again. October is almost over and I only signed up for one swap. Go me!


  1. Nooooo - you can never have too many magazines and scarves! :)

  2. HAHA! I buy Cruz way to many toys. Seriously. My boyfriend has threatened to break up with me id I buy her one more toy.

  3. That birth control patch story is funny! We don't usually do anything for Halloween, but we live in a college town and those girls are always hookers for Halloween!

  4. SO glad you're in your new place and back together with your Hubby! Love is much better when your family is all together!

  5. I was rolling over the birth control patch!! Too funny, sadly I can imagine it as well.

  6. I know it! I hate that dryer sound! Always makes me jump. I ALWAYS feel like I waste way too much of life watching television but I haven't slowed down yet :)

  7. 1. Bummer. We tend to make plans on Halloween & never actually do them. Meh. Like you said, there's always next year.
    4. I've heard a really cute movie, hope you can talk him into it.
    5. Hey I want one of those. You make it sound more like a new toy than a washer/dryer haha. I hate the fucking dryer buzz, always scares the crap outta me.
    6. The hubs forbid me from ordering magazine cause they started to just stack around the house. Never actually read about 70% of them either :/
    7. Too much TV? Never.
    8. Having a ton of books around the house is exactly why we bought a Nook. And, let me tell ya, we love it. Occasionally we'll still buy a 'real' book but most of the time it'll be on the Nook just so we dont get a lot of clutter.
    10. Im the same way! I went to Target yesterday & bought a few things for potential future swaps haha. We need a support group for this kind of addiction.

    Thanks for linking up!


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