My Current Obsessions

While unemployed for the past  month, I've had some extra time on my hands to obsess.  


Still really into the Young Adult books. I picked up some new ones from the Library yesterday. I can't wait to start reading. 


I've been watching a lot of the new fall TV shows. I've found so many of them to be hilarious! 

I'm still loving Glee

Hulu has been adding a couple new (season 3)  Pretty Little Liars episodes each week. woohoo!


anything Pumpkin. muffins or bars have been my favorite. Another reason to love Fall, everything is pumpkin flavored. YUM!


my cd player in Herbie is acting up. I can't get one single cd to load in the 6 disc changer. ugh! I've been stuck listening to the radio..boo! However, this CD is thebomb.com-listen now.


I haven't really been reading magazines of late. I have a huge stack of magazines to get through. No surprise!


Starting two new jobs! EEK! 


My Golden Gophers hit a speed bump last week, the Iowa Hawkeyes.  The lost. Lost pretty bad 
( for how well they were playing) I still love them. 

I can't wait for NBA basketball to get started. This year back in Minnesota, I will get to see these cuties up close and personal.



  1. I've never been to an NBA game before. Us 4 should go sometime! (Can we brings our puppies, lol j/k) I think you working at B&N is going to be dangerous and yet so exciting! So many new books for you to read!

  2. The Giver is one of my all time favorite books, it's so good. Also, if you're looking for a new one try Brave New World, it's just as good, if not better.

    You've got 2 new jobs? Wow, congratulations! What will you be doing?


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