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Linking up today with my Sista from anotha Mister, homegirl, blog bestie Katie.  If you've been here for a while or are new here, you will know I love Katie. Homegirl is one the best, coolest gals around. I dunno how it happened but a long time ago in a far away land named Wisconsin she found my blog or I found her blog. That's the story behind this blog friendship. 

Funny thing is I haven't met this girl yet.... We text all the time. She is better at it than I am. I still have a funky brace on my hand, so I've been a bit slow at the texting lately. 

I know that we when do meet we will just pick up as if we've been friends since childhood. Its weird how you have some people that you've known all your life and they still don't know "the real you". I'm pretty sure homegirl gets it. 

Even though we have seriously rivalry  (being from neighboring states) and she's a Packers fan, I still love her. The good news is she likes the Boston Redsoxs, which happen to be my favorite Baseball team. One point for Katie!

Anywho go check out her blog. She sends nice presents to. Another reason why I like her. I kid, I kid.

Other blog gals I would love to hang out with 

Who are some of your "blog friends"? go link-up!


  1. isn't Katie the best? i LOVE her! thanks for linking up!!! (P.S. I'm also from WI and loves the Packers...sorry) :)

  2. Well of course you are one of my blog besties! That's why I named you! Two peas in a pod! lol


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