a pre-halloween fright!

don't fret friends, you won't get scared with this fright. I'm the only person that gets scared at the sight-dun dunt dun-of my mother DRIVING.

I love my Mama to death. NKP aka for Mommy,  has been there for me through every bad break up, best friend dilemma and wardrobe malfunction. She really understands me, which is a great thing, since she's my Mama and all. One thing she doesn't get is driving. she's that person you give the bird to-lay on your horn till you think it won't work anymore, because of her lack of turn signal use. she is also the person who takes their sweet ass time to go once the light turns green.

 homegirl does the minimum on the highway, doesn't seem to care or understand the left lane is for passing and people going the speed limit speedy drivers.

 I feel like that creepy behind the wheel instructor when I'm in the car with her. Which is next to never. I ALWAYS DRIVE

Growing up we took road trips out west every Summer, to some amazing places, The Grand Canyon, Canidian Rockies, the Black Hills, Yellowstone, the Grand Tetons, Colorado, and Glacier National Park.  I never noticed how slow we would go,  fast she was driving. I remember being in Colorado and she gets pulled over for speeding!!! What you say? yes, she was speeding. no talking her way out of that ticket. Or the time we were in British Columbia and she gets pulled over for speeding. We had to pay the ticket before she left Canada or she could not enter again.  I'm sensing a theme, so go in Minneslowta, ha ha get it? and driving without a care in the world out of Minny.

Hi Mama! She reads the blog. I hope she still loves me after this post. who am I kidding, she will still love me. I am her chauffeur.

Do you parents do anything that frightens you?


  1. aWWW LOVE your Mom!! NANCY!!

    I still can hear her yelling JENNNNNNN

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