Ten on Tuesday


1.  Halloween weekend came and went and we didn't do anything fun, like we had planned. We moved all our crap into our new place. Glad we're in a new place and my family is back together. Still I would have loved to have seen some friends and relaxed. Oh well, there's always next weekend.

2. Dear ladies, who wear next to nothing on Halloween- Please make sure your costume covers your birth control patch or move the damn patch. I mean kuddos for being "protected" as you are strutting yourself down the street.

3. I hope everyone who has friends and family in the path of Sandy is safe and accounted for. It breaks my heart to see the photos on the news and social media.

4.  Back to Halloween, I'm hoping I can coax Ry-guy into hitting up the cinema on Wednesday night to see Frankenweenie.

I've been dying to see it, and I will be bringing Dexter Morgan back to life someday.

5. our new stackable washer and dryer are the bomb.com. Let me tell you. You push one button for "smart start" and it knows what to wash. amazeballs! Also, instead of that horrid sound when the clothes are dry, it plays a fun (what sounds like) ringtone. I always about poop my pants when that dryer buzzer sounds.

6. I really need to stop with the magazine subscriptions. I ended up moving a huge box of magazines up from Missouri, I took a huge box with me when I left (two months earlier) and Ry-guy ended up bringing another milk crate full of magazines that had come in the month and a half since I had left Missouri. I'm too embarrassed to take a photo of all of them. Just imagine 28 magazine subscriptions x a few weekly ones, x one month for the others x 12 months. Yup, sadly I have some from that long ago. I'm still reading about J-LO and Marc Anthony divorcing. 

7. I figured out this weekend I watch entirely too much TV. but you know what, I don't care. Call me lazy or couch potato. at least I can talk TV with the best of them.

8.  while unpacking all my shit this weekend, I also realized I have 1. too many scarfs, so many the damn coat closet won't close, 2. more plastic tumblers than anyone should have, about 30 or so. 3. 12 boxes fill to the brim with books. I need to jump on the Nook train real soon! 4. I buy treats for Dexter way too much. He gets one treat a day if he's good, maybe two if he's really good. This dog has treats for the next 10 years.

9.  I sleep soooo much better with Ry-guy next to me. The only downside is now we are using a full-size bed, till we get out to replace the king size we left in Missoura. acutally there is one more downside, Dexter thinks he should have the entire bed,  leaving little room for me and Ry-guy sleeping on the floor.

10. I have an addiction to buying items for blog swaps. I have a drawer full of blog swap items. I want to keep them all for myself, but I need to learn to share. I guess I should start swapping again. October is almost over and I only signed up for one swap. Go me!


the best of Fall- Carabox reveal

Showing my goods from the Carabox swap. Want to know more about Carabox? Click here.

Cara Box

 I've already signed up for the November swap, you should to! Special thanks to Kaitlyn for hosting.

Brittany from This Beautiful Life, sent some of her fun Fall favorites. 

Owl tea light holders-Pumpkin Tea lights

"J" ceramic mug. 

three NYC polishes and a really sweet homeade card. 

Thanks so much Brittany!  


a pre-halloween fright!

don't fret friends, you won't get scared with this fright. I'm the only person that gets scared at the sight-dun dunt dun-of my mother DRIVING.

I love my Mama to death. NKP aka for Mommy,  has been there for me through every bad break up, best friend dilemma and wardrobe malfunction. She really understands me, which is a great thing, since she's my Mama and all. One thing she doesn't get is driving. she's that person you give the bird to-lay on your horn till you think it won't work anymore, because of her lack of turn signal use. she is also the person who takes their sweet ass time to go once the light turns green.

 homegirl does the minimum on the highway, doesn't seem to care or understand the left lane is for passing and people going the speed limit speedy drivers.

 I feel like that creepy behind the wheel instructor when I'm in the car with her. Which is next to never. I ALWAYS DRIVE

Growing up we took road trips out west every Summer, to some amazing places, The Grand Canyon, Canidian Rockies, the Black Hills, Yellowstone, the Grand Tetons, Colorado, and Glacier National Park.  I never noticed how slow we would go,  fast she was driving. I remember being in Colorado and she gets pulled over for speeding!!! What you say? yes, she was speeding. no talking her way out of that ticket. Or the time we were in British Columbia and she gets pulled over for speeding. We had to pay the ticket before she left Canada or she could not enter again.  I'm sensing a theme, so go in Minneslowta, ha ha get it? and driving without a care in the world out of Minny.

Hi Mama! She reads the blog. I hope she still loves me after this post. who am I kidding, she will still love me. I am her chauffeur.

Do you parents do anything that frightens you?



I'm loving the new Jason Aldean CD "Night Train". Do yourself a favor and go and get it immede. I love the song titled " I Don't do Lonely Well".

I'm loving Pineapple. No idea but I've been eating it like mad.

I'm loving that I can wear jeans any day at the new job. Woot! I mean I love dressing up all nice, but some days are better spent in a sweater, jeans and some cute flats!

I'm loving everyone who let me stay with them for the past month or so. This gave me enough time to find a place that would be "home" for the next year.

I'm loving my new co-worker who is going to take some family photos for us (including Dexter) for free! She has some mad skills. I can't wait to share them with you. Hopefully sooner than later.

I'm loving my Mama. She has taken wonderful care of Mr. Morgan while I've been working and house sitting. He sure does love his Grandma and his bestie Riley.

Miss Riley

I'm (still) loving both of my jobs! They've been somewhat stressful as of late. I still love learning everything I need to know (and then some)

What are you loving this week?


friendship week-blog friends

Linking up today with my Sista from anotha Mister, homegirl, blog bestie Katie.  If you've been here for a while or are new here, you will know I love Katie. Homegirl is one the best, coolest gals around. I dunno how it happened but a long time ago in a far away land named Wisconsin she found my blog or I found her blog. That's the story behind this blog friendship. 

Funny thing is I haven't met this girl yet.... We text all the time. She is better at it than I am. I still have a funky brace on my hand, so I've been a bit slow at the texting lately. 

I know that we when do meet we will just pick up as if we've been friends since childhood. Its weird how you have some people that you've known all your life and they still don't know "the real you". I'm pretty sure homegirl gets it. 

Even though we have seriously rivalry  (being from neighboring states) and she's a Packers fan, I still love her. The good news is she likes the Boston Redsoxs, which happen to be my favorite Baseball team. One point for Katie!

Anywho go check out her blog. She sends nice presents to. Another reason why I like her. I kid, I kid.

Other blog gals I would love to hang out with 

Who are some of your "blog friends"? go link-up!


Friday's Letters

Dear Friday, Glad you're here. I've been uber busy this week and can't wait to relax. I've been missing Dexter Morgan.  I'm excited to have little Dexie back with me on Sunday. Dear new landlord, I'm excited to be signing the lease tonight. I can't wait to be moving in next week.woohoo! Dear Ry-guy, only six more days till I see you face. I'm not sure if I remember what you look like-after a month and a half apart. Dear Hulu, could you get your shit together and acutally play the show I want to watch,when I want to watch it. This skipping and freezing up isn't very cool-it really is frustrating. My queue is filling up and I need to catch up on the new shows people are talking about. Dear hair, I will get you done real soon..mmkkayyy? I hate seeing you in this condition.  Dear Gophers, let's try to win one again this weekend. you started off so well and now you are back to your normal self. Dear Blog, I'm going to work on having all my posts done this weekend so I don't have to freak out each day about what to post. I'm hoping to get my creative juices flowing again Dear closet, I'm going to take better care of you and fill you back up again. Its been to long since I've done any shopping and I need some new gear before the snow starts. let's do this! Dear Thumb, can you pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee stop hurting? I don't have insurance till November 1st and I don't know if I can take your pain that long. Dear Alex Cross movie, I can't wait to see you. You look so good. I hope Tyler Perry can pull of playing someone other than Madea.

 Dear books, we're going to get re-antiquated this weekend. I can't wait. There are so many of you good ones I need to read immede.

What are you doing this weekend?


things I love about Fall

Another Thursday, another Random Thursday post.

The topic for this week is:

dark nail polish

Pumpkin Flavored Foods

College Football Saturdays

Darker Hair Color

Apple Orchards
Pumpkins Patches

the vivid colors of the leaves changing

Haunted Houses/Hayrides


what do you love about Fall?



the week is only half over and I'm loving so much stuff!

I'm loving that we found a home! yes, finally! No more staying with family or friends. I am so thankful to the people who let me and Dexter Morgan crash at their pad. (whoa that sounded totally 90's.-ha!) We move in on October 25th. The exact day that Ry-guy gets here!

I'm loving both new jobs (still)- I can't tell you which one I love more though. They are both so different and my co-workers are amazing at both jobs. Thank goodness!

I'm loving that Ry-guy comes home in EIGHT DAYS!

I'm loving that tonight I get to meet up with a good friend at Olive Garden. Can we say endless salad and breadsticks. YUM!

I'm loving this fun link-up my blog bestie is doing next week. Go link-up and win a chance for a $20.00 giftcard.

I'm loving that I signed up for my medical/dental benefits today. The best part is they take affect on November 1st. I didn't even have to wait a whole month before they started.

I'm loving all you followers for sticking with me through the new jobs and lack of posting for the past few days. I will be around more often. pinky swear!


Just Add Color Fall Swap Reveal

I signed up for another swap. (sigh)The Just Add Color swap was hosted by Ashlee and Jessica.

I was paired up with Alexandra and she sent me three polishes and a super cute scarf.

I'm so excited to wear the scarf! Lately, in Minnesota  the temps have been a bit chill.  Soon I will not be wearing the scarf for fashion, it will have to keep me warm.

(sorry for the craptastic IPhone photo)



I'm loving the new job. nuff said.

I'm loving that in 15 days my lover will be back in Minnesota with me. Thank god! Our little family will be back together.

I'm loving that Ry-guy sent me all the good magazines that have come in the mail lately. Thanks Bubba! (and yes, I call him Bubba-hey we had to fit in down in Misery Missouri)

I'm loving that I picked up Dexie Rexie Morgan last night. He got to spend a few days with his Grandma, while I was adjusting to the new job.

I'm loving flannel sheets. I hate that its cold enough for flannel already, but love how soft they are.

I'm loving that I was able to find my scarf collection last night. Even though we have a zillion boxes stacked up in my Mama's garage. Clearly the scarf God's were on my side.

I'm loving that its Homecoming this week on campus. What a great way to start the new job. I bought this cupcake in honor of my first week and Homecoming. woot!

I'm loving that I finally received The Good Wife season 3 from the library last week and have been able to catch up. Yours truly is too cheap to buy the whole season of TV shows I know I would only watch once. I stalk the library "New Releases" and was able to get it shortly after it came out on DVD.

What are you loving this week?


Urban Funk meets New Country

Last week, while reading one of my favorite blogs Love Is, I found this Stylescope link that Andrea had posted about.  Seeing as we are going to be moving into a new place (sooner than later), I took the quiz to see how my style is interpreted into design.

Urban Funk and a touch of New Country are my results.

Browse other Stylescope personalities below.


Photo: Looks Like
Make this image your facebook timeline cover. How?


Urban Funk has undeniable funk and soul. She's at home in a place where industrial meets comfort, where over-the-top meets laid-back chill, and where retro art meets graphic simplicity. And she does all this in a way that feels totally effortless.
Photo: Boho Looks Like



This look begins with an iconic piece, whether wall d├ęcor, furniture or just the right retro-inspired object. Start with this item, and work in smaller accessories to complement.
Photo: First Step


Arrange graphic or retro-themed pieces at varying heights in a cluster for a bold look.
Photo: Designer Trick


Find a fresh, funky lamp, or simply swap in a new shade in a surprising color to light up an old favorite.


Honestly, I was a bit surprised by the Urban Funk. I could see the New Country more. I guess my brain and my style have not yet lined up.

New Country

Browse other Stylescope personalities below.


Photo: Looks Like
Make this image your facebook timeline cover. How?


New Country understands the value of slowing down, enjoying the sunsets, bringing the outside in, and feeling a real sense of relaxation in her space. She is laidback, but her style is still intentional and beautiful in its rustic elegance.
Photo: Boho Looks Like



New Country homes have a very natural ease, but they're not their grandmothers' old-fashioned country homes. Warm, nature-inspired hues blend with brighter, contemporary elements for an updated country look.
Photo: First Step


Add a more modern shade to a classic wooden base for a balance of new and old.
Photo: Designer Trick


Switch it up by bringing outdoor, ceramic garden planters inside.

What is your Stylescope?