What I'm Loving Wednesday

I've climbed out of the cave for the week. As in I'm not as sad about Ry-guy being gone, and won't be doing a What I miss most Wednesday post. I still miss him, but I just had a great week, for the most part.

I'm loving that I was offered and accepted a job today. WOOT! Dream company, one day it will turn into my dream job, one day.

I'm loving that I can finally begin to look for a more permanent residence, other than his Mother's house, is his old room.

I'm loving that tomorrow I receive my last paycheck from my Missoura job. this homegirl has shit to buy.

I'm loving that yesterday was my th POST. when I started this little blog a little over a year and a half ago, I wasn't sure if I would blog very much. Well I'm doing my best to at least do Monday-Friday. These fingers need a break from the keyboard, and my eyes need a break from the computer screen!

I'm loving that I did apply at the mass bookstore retailer today and had a mini interview while there. I hope I can score a part time gig here. I get so excited when I walk into the bookstore. If I get the job there, everyone can expect a book for Christmas. Get your list ready!

I'm loving that I planned a weekend trip with Dex and my Mama to Duluth next weekend. For those of you who don't know Duluth or the North Shore. I'll be sure to be back with a zillion photos!

What are you loving this Wednesday?


  1. Congrats on the job! I love Duluth, I went to UMD. Looking forward to pics :)

  2. ahahah I love the racoon! Hope you get the job! :)

  3. Congrats on the job, so exciting! Hope you get your bookstore job, I can tell it'd be perfect for you (only due to the number of books you post that you've read)!


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