What I miss this Wednesday vol.2

Dexter Morgan is a tough act to follow. After his sassy guest post on last weeks what I'm missing most this Wednesday. I think the blog spotlight is going to his head. I kid, I kid.

For some reason this week has been really hard on me. I don't know what makes it different than the other weeks. Ry-guy and I have been having some serious facetime via Skype. Gosh, I dunno what people did before Skype. So thanks Skype for being there and technology for being so awesome.

I'm really missing home cooked meals. Ladies, I hit the jackpot on this one. Ryan is one of  the best cooks around. He certainly is the best baker I know. He makes everything from scratch. We don't buy cake mixes in our household. Or store bought frosting. boo! I dunno how this boy learned to bake so well, but mad props to him and his Mama for that skill.

I've really been missing his meatloaf. I never had even tried meatloaf till I met this kid. He makes the best shit around. letmetellyou. I love that we take turns cooking every couple nights. This ensures that neither of us are burnt out by doing all the work.

I've  been missing the way he is around Dexter. I know Dexter is missing him to. I don't play with him as well as his Papa does. I don't get down and wrestle with him and goof around like his Papa does. I try, it just doesn't seem to work as well. We do get a lot of time to snuggle together. Its better when its the three of us.

I've been having to drive myself. I know that sounds so horrible to some of you. Little known fact about me. I HATE TO DRIVE! I just hate it. If I  when I win the lottery this bia it gonna have a driver. Good news is Ry-guy loves to drive.

I've been missing all the talk about Football. From tonight until a few days after the Superbowl I have no significant other on the weekends. We don't make plans on Sunday. We have to make sure we run errands before Sunday, so we can plop our ars down on the couch alldaylong. I don't mind doing this on Saturday for when the College games are on, but both days of my weekend. ish!  However, I did sign up on a Fantasy Football league to see what all the hullabaloo is about.

and of course if you didn't figure it out by now. I'm missing Ry-guy. Thankfully for you guys only a few more weeks of these sappy posts.


  1. Sorry u cant be around ry guy right now..if u need company I will be willing to cross the state line and hang out with you :)

  2. A man who can cook is the perfect man. I hardly ever cook, the hubs does most of it since I tend to burn a lot of stuff haha. Oh my gosh, I totally cracked up with that fantasy football photo because I hate to admit it, I've played D&D :/

  3. Hang in there chica!! I know first hand how hard it is to be away from the one you love.. Skype is a wonderful thing!!


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