Dear Friday,

Dear Friday's Letters, glad you're back. I didn't know what to do with myself last week when I posted and I had nowhere to link up. Dear Ry-guy, I'm so effing excited to come and visit you for a couple days. I'm pretty sure I will pee in my pants once I see you. Please don't hold my weak bladder against me. Dear no job, I'm glad that nobody has hired me yet. This means I get to spend an unplanned five days with my boo bear and Dexie Rexie. Dear lady who interviewed me yesterday, call a sista back already. I mean I know its been just over 24 hours, but I kinda want a J-O-B, so I can start to get things settled back in Minny already. Dear Missoura friends, I hope to see you when I come back for the next few days, I've missed you. Dear Ethan and Isiah, I can't wait to party my socks off with you kids. We can party like its 1999, only you would have no idea what that meant, seeing as you are celebrating your 3rd and 7th birthdays. I'll be the first one at the cupcake table and the last! Dear Blog readers, sorry I was sorta MIA this week. I really wanted to post, but I had nothing fun to post about. I have to get this shit planned out so I'm not doing this each week. I like posting and I like that you read those posts. Dear Katie, thanks for keeping this gal entertained and sane while I've been missing Ry-guy. Even though we haven't yet met. I know we are destine to be BFF's. Dear Golden Gopher Football,let's try and go 2-0 this weekend....mmmkkk? Dear home cooked meals, I'm coming for you. I can't wait to cook! Dear Pretty Little Liars TV show and books, I'm beyond obsessed with you! I feel like a 12 year old girl again. I hated that age. Why must you be so entertaining?

What are you lovelies doing this weekend? 

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  1. I know you really want a job & all but I gotta tell ya, enjoy it while you can. The mornings when I get up for work are hell, sleep in for the both of us :)

    On the other hand, I hope the lady that interviewed you calls back soon.


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