10 on Tuesday

1. Welcome to a bunch of new followers. Glad you're here. I hope you stay a while.

2. Mad props to Netflix for posting season 3 of the Vampire Diaries on instant watch last week, when the DVD was released.  I could get used to this. Now put Army Wives season 6 part 1 on there and   I will love you even more.


3. I had been back in Minnesota for less than a day and got sick last week. This sickness progress into an upper respiratory infection and on to bronchitis. YAY ME!  I hope during interview they don't mind me hacking up my lung.

4. I was supposed to have an awesome movie review Monday post for you, but Ry- guy dropped the ball on that one. Shame on him!  We're gonna try again next week.

5. I've been reading my eyes out lately, while sleeping this sickness off. Has anyone read Matched

Holy moley this book has got me hooked. Its similar to The Hunger Games, but not. Make sense? Sure it does! Read this book immede.

6. I'm going to attempt to not do a single blog swap in October. This is me trying to save money. I hope nobody has a super, cool, can't live without swap going on. I can't stop swapping!

7. Speaking of swaps, I've had some great partners in most of my swaps lately. No hate mail this week. so far so good. I shouldn't jinx it. I'll be posting later this week about my awesome goodies!

8. I am so excited for Halloweenie. Words can't describe how much I love this holiday. I dunno what it is. I just love to decorate and seeing everyone in costumes. Speaking of which I need to get on that ASAP. For the first time in two years, Ry-guy and I are going to spend Halloween together. EEP! Its a year of first for us, since he left his bar job. WOOT!

9. I'm bummed that today I missed my first BLATE = blogger date.  I was supposed to meet up with Katie today. Clearly that didn't happen. I'm so bummed. Soon, very soon!

10. My Golden Gophers are 4-0 baybeee! Woot! They play Iowa this weekend for Floyd. This is the only swine I can stand. (for those of you newbies, I hate swine, eating it, seeing it, etc.)
I hope to see Floyd back again (we've had Floyd for the past few years) at the stadium in a few weeks.

you can find out more about Floyd here

over and out kids!

**all images taken from Google,  unless noted**


  1. Ugh, being sick is the worst. I really hope you get better soon. Halloween is so much fun. My favorite part used to be getting dressed up & going out but since I'm an old lady now I have to admit my new favorite part is passing out candy to the little kids & seeing their cute ass costumes. You know what's not my fave though? Passing out candy to those 17 year old turds, you're not a kid anymore...you've got more facial hair than my husband!

    Thanks for linking up!

  2. It sucks that we weren't able to get together but I hope soon we can! That books sounds interesting...I may have to go out and buy it. lol. That's great you and Ryan get to be together for Halloween this year! I have always wanted to start watching Army Wives. One of these days I will! (I watch way to much TV!)


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