10 on Tuesday

1. Oh M. G. Glee is BACK! I can't tell you how much I screamed inside when I watched the first episode of this season. I love Kate Hudson and all things Glee.

2. Thank you to the super cool executive that emailed me back from my "Thank you" email to him. I have never, ever, I mean never had someone e-mail me back from a "thank you" email. mad props son. Let's hope you want me to have the position you have available.

3. I received some hate  eer...feedback about something that a blogger wasn't so pleased about. Here's an idea, put your big girl panties on and shut the fuck up. OK. Get over yourself honey.

4. I love that Minnesota is cooling down. However, I wish I would have thought about this happening when I packed all my Fall and Winter clothes in boxes. I have no idea where they hell they are. Guess I will have to get some new clothes. I mean if Ryan is reading this. I will be finding those boxes ASAP and not getting the clothes.  

5. on that note, Minnesotans wtf is with you wearing jackets like its cold out or something. We're Minnesotans. When its 60 out we DO NOT WEAR JACKETS. jeesh!

6. Why is that I never recevie the magazines I really want to read.  People and Us Weekly you fucked me over last week. Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds get married and I don't get either issue. Seriously this must be a conspiracy. You must know how much I love Blake Lively. Send me the effing magazines. we'vebeen through this too many times, especially with you Mr. People magazine. You always send me the stupid issues. I'm still not over not receiving the Jacyee Duggard issue from last year or the one with Jackie Kennedy.

7. I'm thinking about applying at a huge bookstore chain, because I can't shut up about books. You might soon see me on Intervention before Hoarders.

8. I'm finishing up my first ever guest post. Anyone have any suggestions that might be helpful? I've never done the GP thing and I want to seem cool. ha Gawd, I sound old wanting to sound cool.

9. Speaking of feeling old, thank you to the  young store clerk at Walgreen's who thought I was buying some last minute college supplies. Bless his heart. Or thanks to my Mama for some good genes. you decide.

10. I'm working on trying to get some Carrie Underwood tickets for the show next week in Minneapolis. I hope things work out. I had planned to go while in Missouri, but sold that ticket. I must see this girl! eep!

over and out friends!


  1. 60 degrees is cold!!! -says the girl from Arizona...

  2. I'm addicted to magazines. I seriously get way to many. I hate when your in line at the store and you see a new People magazine out and you haven't gotten yours yet. What the heck?! Seeing Carrie Underwood would be awesome! Hopefully you can find some tickets. I would love to see Taylor Swift. I'm obssessed with her new song!

  3. LMFAO...I love your #3 more than I love chocolate chip ice cream! And, that's a freakin' lot.

    I would have loved to work at a bookstore when I was younger. Now I'd just get annoyed with all the dumb hipsters hanging around.


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