10 on Tuesday

Linking up today with Lin for Top 10. Tuesday ramblings, here goes....

1. 9/11 a day we will never forget. I was very excited to wake up this morning and see an American .  Flag in the driveway. We didn't put it there (we should have) our small town in Missouri put flags at the end of every driveway in town. In front of businesses all over town. It was a great sight to see. Everyone united. If only this would happen the other 364 days of the year.

2. I'm back in Missoura this week until this Sunday. A full week down here is just what the doctor ordered. I was in Iowa last Saturday and drove the rest of the way to spend time with my lover boy. It actually feels great to be back. I don't hate it as much, knowing I'm only visiting. Although we did make some awesome memories down here, that we will never forget.    
I have a full social calendar this week. This never happens. I can't wait to see all my former co-workers for lunch, happy hour or dinner. woohooo!

3. Still no J-O-B for this girl, but the good news is I have been doing phone interviews and have interviews lined up for next week, when I'm back.

4.  Fall TV has started. I act like a kid in a candy store when the new (and returning) shows come out each year. I have to catch up on The Good Wife and Vampire Diaries before they start for the season.

5.  little bit of  a rant here. I saw a blog swap in Blogland the other day. The swap rules included something along the lines of "if we pick you to participate".  I've done plenty of swaps, good and bad. I didn't bother to sign up for this one because I didn't want the hosts to "pick me" to participate. Seems like High School all over again. The only reason to perhaps not pick someone in a swap, would be due to previous swaps that they didn't send out their haul. note to swap hosts. Let everyone enjoy the swap. mmkkthx.

6. I'm so ready for it to be Fall. Living in Missoura you don't get to enjoy the seasons as much as you do in Minnesota. This year I've felt like Summer has been going on since March. wayyy to long. College Football Saturdays are by far the best thing about Fall. A close second goes to Halloween festivities.

7.  I know I sound like a broken record about my love of Pretty Little Liars.  I have ordered four of the books, read two and I love the books even more. They are just so light, fun and easy to read.

8. It felt like Christmas came early this year. Last weekend the Minnesota Gophers and Minnesota Vikings both won. While our rivals, Wisconsin Badgers, Green Bay Packers, and Iowa Hawkeyes all lost. This never happens. It probably won't happen again in my lifetime.

9.  I wish Hollywood could learn how to make a great movie again. We've been watching some flicks and they all suck! They are remakes or based on a book or true story and they suck. Get some new ideas Hollywood people. I will be reviewing some of these movies next Monday for Movie Review Monday. Thanks to Ry-guy for his help!

10. I love that Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds got married. They seem so cute together. You all know how much I love BL.


  1. Are you serious about that blog swap? That is dumb. If you are going to host one let anybody partcipate. This isn't high school. Hey, we should host a swap sometime?! Glad your having fun with ry guy down in Missouri...and happier to hear you have interviews when you get back! Also, what episode of PLL are you on? I'm on 19...you should watch Revenge too. It's on Instant Netflix. I LOVE that Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively. They look like a very cute couple! :)

  2. I've been thinking about yoU! Good luck on your interviews. Hang tight!

  3. 1. Word.
    3. Go you! I'm really crossing my fingers for you.
    4. I'm SO excited about all the TV shows coming back.
    5. Um...that's pretty much a load of bull. I get only opening it to active bloggers, something I've had to do recently cause of ppl lagging, but to say 'if you're chosen' isn't cool in my book.
    6. Me too. It's been hot as balls around here.
    7. I need to watch this asap.
    9. For real! Movies are only getting worse & worse & they really need to stop with the remakes.
    10. Theyre one hot couple. Hopefully it lasts longer than his first marriage :/

    Thanks for linking up! Had a blast reading your 10.


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