Movie Night Swap Reveal

swap posting reveal number 154152015203. I've lost count. I did tell myself to try to cut back on the swaps for October. This swap was one of my favorite swaps of all time.

Why you ask? Well because it involved sending movies. One of my very most favorite things. You see back when we had these things called "video stores", and people liked to go and wait in line at times for half hour to 45 minutes ( I kid you not)-I worked a a video store and manged a Blockbuster Video for four years. It was pretty cool. The best part was the free rentals.

Sorry, got sidetracked again. So the awesome Lin  and Ms. Attitude hosted this swap.

The package we sent had to include the following:

(fun fact, I don't eat popcorn, I despise it. I do love me some kettle corn)

I was partnered up with Melissa- She hit the nail on the head. I love DOTS! Yum!

Bride Wars, Pride & Prejudice and Thee Amigos!

I don't think I've seen Pride & Prejudice (at least this version) 

I can't wait to watch Three Amigos!  I love all those comedians.

Thanks Melissa!


Guest Blogger-Finding My Way in Texas

Super excited to have my first guest blogger. She was my first Blog Angel ,and one of the best. The best one I've ever had! Without further ado....

HI Folks! I’m Jennifer and I blog over at Finding My Way In Texas (for now Winking smile) I’m going to be switching things up and moving to a new Dot Com soon! Woot! But until then I’m still rambling about my life in Texas HERE. I blog about my Puppy/fur-baby, Snakes (*shudder*), my thrifting adventures and anything else that catches my fancy! :)
Lately I’ve been sewing and crocheting and crafting like a mad woman to get ready for a local market in a week and a half!
These quilted notebooks are just one of the things I’ve been working on for the market (and soon to be in my new shop!)… but they have produced a TON of scraps! I also love to make zippy pouches and quilts! And my scrap bin is starting to overflow!
scraps 002
I’ve been looking for some new things/ideas to do with all these scraps… Here are my top 5 finds from Pinterest!
Pieced Border Scrap Quilt
So maybe, someday, when I have some spare time (yeah right!) I’ll get a chance to try out some of these ideas. But in the mean time, a girl can dream right?

I hope ya'll enjoyed the fun craft ideas. I can wait to get my crafting back on once the cold weather and snow hits!

TGIF loves!


Random Thursday:First Celebrity Crushes

Linking up this week for my first Random Thursday Post. 
This week's topic

I was a boy obsessed little gal. I'm sure most of us were. I had every issue of Teen/Tiger Beat. My room was covered with cute boys . 

Just to name a few or several. In no particular order.

Scott Baio

I wanted Charles in Charge of me all the time. zing!!!!

Dylan and Brandon

Depending on the week ,and if Dylan was still trapped with that evil Brenda, I could never decide who I was more in love with.

David Lascher

Points if you know who he is. He was going to be my soulmate. He never found me though. Guess I'm stuck with Ry-guy

Kirk Crazy Cameron

J.T.T aka Jonathan Taylor Thomas

Hobie from Baywatch aka Jeremy Jackson


and of course my true love.

Mr. Zack Morris.

Who were some of your first celeb crushes? Go link up!


What I'm Loving Wednesday

I've climbed out of the cave for the week. As in I'm not as sad about Ry-guy being gone, and won't be doing a What I miss most Wednesday post. I still miss him, but I just had a great week, for the most part.

I'm loving that I was offered and accepted a job today. WOOT! Dream company, one day it will turn into my dream job, one day.

I'm loving that I can finally begin to look for a more permanent residence, other than his Mother's house, is his old room.

I'm loving that tomorrow I receive my last paycheck from my Missoura job. this homegirl has shit to buy.

I'm loving that yesterday was my th POST. when I started this little blog a little over a year and a half ago, I wasn't sure if I would blog very much. Well I'm doing my best to at least do Monday-Friday. These fingers need a break from the keyboard, and my eyes need a break from the computer screen!

I'm loving that I did apply at the mass bookstore retailer today and had a mini interview while there. I hope I can score a part time gig here. I get so excited when I walk into the bookstore. If I get the job there, everyone can expect a book for Christmas. Get your list ready!

I'm loving that I planned a weekend trip with Dex and my Mama to Duluth next weekend. For those of you who don't know Duluth or the North Shore. I'll be sure to be back with a zillion photos!

What are you loving this Wednesday?


10 on Tuesday

1. Welcome to a bunch of new followers. Glad you're here. I hope you stay a while.

2. Mad props to Netflix for posting season 3 of the Vampire Diaries on instant watch last week, when the DVD was released.  I could get used to this. Now put Army Wives season 6 part 1 on there and   I will love you even more.


3. I had been back in Minnesota for less than a day and got sick last week. This sickness progress into an upper respiratory infection and on to bronchitis. YAY ME!  I hope during interview they don't mind me hacking up my lung.

4. I was supposed to have an awesome movie review Monday post for you, but Ry- guy dropped the ball on that one. Shame on him!  We're gonna try again next week.

5. I've been reading my eyes out lately, while sleeping this sickness off. Has anyone read Matched

Holy moley this book has got me hooked. Its similar to The Hunger Games, but not. Make sense? Sure it does! Read this book immede.

6. I'm going to attempt to not do a single blog swap in October. This is me trying to save money. I hope nobody has a super, cool, can't live without swap going on. I can't stop swapping!

7. Speaking of swaps, I've had some great partners in most of my swaps lately. No hate mail this week. so far so good. I shouldn't jinx it. I'll be posting later this week about my awesome goodies!

8. I am so excited for Halloweenie. Words can't describe how much I love this holiday. I dunno what it is. I just love to decorate and seeing everyone in costumes. Speaking of which I need to get on that ASAP. For the first time in two years, Ry-guy and I are going to spend Halloween together. EEP! Its a year of first for us, since he left his bar job. WOOT!

9. I'm bummed that today I missed my first BLATE = blogger date.  I was supposed to meet up with Katie today. Clearly that didn't happen. I'm so bummed. Soon, very soon!

10. My Golden Gophers are 4-0 baybeee! Woot! They play Iowa this weekend for Floyd. This is the only swine I can stand. (for those of you newbies, I hate swine, eating it, seeing it, etc.)
I hope to see Floyd back again (we've had Floyd for the past few years) at the stadium in a few weeks.

you can find out more about Floyd here

over and out kids!

**all images taken from Google,  unless noted**


All Lacqured Up Nail Swap Reveal

This may come as a shock to you avid readers, I signed up for another swap. A nail polish swap. Woot!

All Lacquered Up

 I was paired up with Kate.  She picked out some awesome polishes!

Without further ado
                                                                     Essie- Recessionista                      Chi- Unity

I had know idea that Chi made nail polishes, I am now obsessed. 

Thanks so much to Meghan and Angela for hosting this swap!

over and out!


My 1st Minnesota Blogger event

Last night, I had the time of my life. Well the best time I could have had on a random Tuesday night. I had the pleasure of meeting 12 other beautiful Minnesota Bloggers. It was great to finally meet some of the gals that I stalk every day. 

We met up at The Paint Pub. It was so fun. I haven't had that much fun in a long time. It was great to be with other people who understood that bloggers must take a photo of pretty much everything, and that we take photos of different stages of progress (in whatever activity we are partaking in.)  

We painted- The Stone Arch Bridge

So glad I finally met Jess , we have been internet friends for a while. It was nice to actually get to meet her in person.

I had the pleasure of painting next to  Andrea . I'm sure she wanted to hurt me a time or two when I pushed the table forward, by accident. Sorry about that!

                                              Jess | Michelle | Bridget | Andrea | Andrea | Sally
                                              Kelly | Me | Kelly | Brittany |  Dawn | Melissa | Becky

 A job well done!

Thanks Kelly for lining up this event. I can't wait to meet up with you ladies very soon!

10 on Tuesday

1. Oh M. G. Glee is BACK! I can't tell you how much I screamed inside when I watched the first episode of this season. I love Kate Hudson and all things Glee.

2. Thank you to the super cool executive that emailed me back from my "Thank you" email to him. I have never, ever, I mean never had someone e-mail me back from a "thank you" email. mad props son. Let's hope you want me to have the position you have available.

3. I received some hate  eer...feedback about something that a blogger wasn't so pleased about. Here's an idea, put your big girl panties on and shut the fuck up. OK. Get over yourself honey.

4. I love that Minnesota is cooling down. However, I wish I would have thought about this happening when I packed all my Fall and Winter clothes in boxes. I have no idea where they hell they are. Guess I will have to get some new clothes. I mean if Ryan is reading this. I will be finding those boxes ASAP and not getting the clothes.  

5. on that note, Minnesotans wtf is with you wearing jackets like its cold out or something. We're Minnesotans. When its 60 out we DO NOT WEAR JACKETS. jeesh!

6. Why is that I never recevie the magazines I really want to read.  People and Us Weekly you fucked me over last week. Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds get married and I don't get either issue. Seriously this must be a conspiracy. You must know how much I love Blake Lively. Send me the effing magazines. we'vebeen through this too many times, especially with you Mr. People magazine. You always send me the stupid issues. I'm still not over not receiving the Jacyee Duggard issue from last year or the one with Jackie Kennedy.

7. I'm thinking about applying at a huge bookstore chain, because I can't shut up about books. You might soon see me on Intervention before Hoarders.

8. I'm finishing up my first ever guest post. Anyone have any suggestions that might be helpful? I've never done the GP thing and I want to seem cool. ha Gawd, I sound old wanting to sound cool.

9. Speaking of feeling old, thank you to the  young store clerk at Walgreen's who thought I was buying some last minute college supplies. Bless his heart. Or thanks to my Mama for some good genes. you decide.

10. I'm working on trying to get some Carrie Underwood tickets for the show next week in Minneapolis. I hope things work out. I had planned to go while in Missouri, but sold that ticket. I must see this girl! eep!

over and out friends!