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Shades of Gray and a Pinch of Pink

I love talking about Minnesota but for now I will tell you about the Twin Cities aka Minneapolis/St.Paul.
When I tell most people I'm from Minneapolis the first this out of their mouth is "How cold is it/does it get up there?"  If I had a quarter for every time someone asked me this. I would be sittin' pretty.  
my response is "well it can get cold, but you kinda get used to -20 air temp, with a -40 windchill." 
 this is the look I normally get

yup that look.
 next question "how much snow is up there?" well normally there is a good amount of snow, like the year before we left MN to move to Missoura. 

that my friends would be "the beast" aka Ry' guy's wheels.  This photo can be misleading. This year for Christmas and there was NO SNOW and it was 65 and Sunny Christmas Day. go figure.

I think the most amazing thing about the Twin Cities is on most years, we have all four seasons. We enjoy all those seasons with different events and festivals. 

some people (not me) like to fish. ish. 
we get snow. In mid-March during the State Basketball Tournament we get (hopefully) the last dumping of snow. the calendar could say March 21st and the snow keeps falling. 
we start cleaning out our house and garage for some of the best garage-saling this side of the Mississippi.
Practice begins for Summer sports leagues. Let me tell you its no fun playing softball with snowflakes falling.
We start to head to the zoo. We're lucky enough to have two. The Como Zoo and The Minnesota Zoo.
we book our camping reservations at one of the 74 state parks for Memorial Day weekend. 
we buy tickets for the Minnesota Twins, who play at Target Field. which is thebomb.com 

as much as I like Target Field, I must tell you now that I am a Boston RedSox fan. (sorry Ry-guy)

Sweet Summertime

Summer season makes up for the massive amounts of snow we receive in the other three seasons. The large snow fall makes our Lakes, (over 10,000 of them) full for boating, tubing, jet-skiing, fishing, swimming, viewing of fireworks and drankin'.

We head up to our Cabins and enjoy the great outdoors.

 We camp in those great State Parks we have. 

We attend numerous County Fairs, City Festivals, Art Walks, Outdoor music concerts, Movies in the park, dinner and drinks on one of the many rooftop patios in the heart of the city. 


We get our belly ready to enjoy the feast at the Great Minnesota Get Together, otherwise known as the State Fair

For many the State Fair is the unofficial end to Summer. Parents and Kids start getting ready to head back to school. 

I will come back next week to share what we do to get us through Fall and (what can be) the long Winter. 


  1. Awesome! Thanks for linking up :) I get the same questions about how cold it gets and how much snow. It definitely does not get negative forty around my parts though. YIKES.

  2. i dont thinkkkk that i could ever handle that much snow!!! great post!

  3. could. not.

    ew cold.

    red sox, woot.

  4. I would def. not be a fan of all that snow! YIKES! Thanks for stopping by my blog! If you do visit AR again, hit me up and I'll give you a list of stuff the country folks do!


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