What I'm loving Wednesday

Another Wednesday, another WILW post.

I'm loving that for the past two weeks I haven't blow dried my hair ONCE. I'm pretty sure my hair loves me. When I finally do blow dry my hur it will be a shock to my system.

I'm loving my last few days in Missoura. Trying to not get sappy and emotional, yet... I have yet to write out the cards I purchased for my co-workers. 

I could be sappy hot mess. soon. VERY SOON.

I'm loving the cool nights here lately. We've been able to sleep with the windows open. I love the fresh air. It even smells like Fall. I love Fall!

I'm loving PB&J's. I eat one every day for lunch and just can't get enough of them.

I'm loving following fellow Bloggers on


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I'm loving Dexter Morgan, even though this morning he got into some of my make-up and perfume samples. Guess  he wants to smell like Britney Spears. 

I'm loving my Ru-guy. All the patience he's had with me in the process of the move

what are you guys loving this week?

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  1. Who doesn't love a classic PB&J?! My newest thing for breakfast is Peanut butter and cut up bananas in a sandwhich! yummy!

  2. now i'm craving a PB&J sandwich and i don't even like PB, haha.

    good luck with the move. i know that must be exciting and sad at the same time. but mostly exciting!

    we still have warm weather. i'm waiting for Fall like you won't believe.

  3. Oh wow - I love me some PB&J!! And now I officially want one :)

  4. Don't rub it in that fall is in the air... it's doesn't exist out here in AZ... :)

    Good luck with the move!!! Happy your going home where you belong :)

  5. love bloggers on IG! mine is @nichollvincent if you find me i can find you too and say hi!

    Have a lovely day! Stop by nichollvincent.blogspot.com and say hello! :)


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