What I'm loving Wednesday

Linking up today for WILW.

I'm loving that I only have seven more work days in Missoura. woohoo!

I'm loving that as we speak its thundering, lightning, and raining. We need the rain down here so bad. It also means the temp has dropped to 70, from the 108 it was on Saturday.

I'm loving reading books. duh. I love reading all the time. You see a few of my favorite authors have  had great books come out lately. .

I'm loving that my allergies have left the building. well at least for now.

I'm loving that we're almost done packing. woot! I have this really bad panic/anxiety about not being fully packed. We've already made two trips to Minnesota to drop off our goods. Now if only we could find a house.

I'm loving that I got so spend time with these cuties. They are so effing cute, it kills me.

I'm loving how cute Mr. Dexter Morgan is. He is such a ham for the camera.

What are you guys loving?


  1. Awww and I'm loving you! You're such a beautiful soul!!!

  2. I always love seeing little Dexter pics! He's such a cutie! that's exciting that you are about to make a big move.

  3. I can't believe how fast this move is going. So excited that you'll be moving back hom with your friends and family!


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