what I miss most Wednesday

normally on a typical Wednesday I do a WILW post. Well seeing as life has been anything but typical lately, I'm going to get wild, get crazy and throw in a curve ball.  Right now the Mister and I are in the process of moving from Missoura back home to Minnesota. I'm sure you are all sick of learning about Minnesota and how much I love it. Sorry again in advance.

One of the worst things is that I'm already here in Minnesota and Ry-guy is down in Missoura. We've only been apart for an eternity 4.5 days. In the past few days I've really notice how much he does for me. Not that I didn't see this before. I am a very lucky girl to have Ry-guy and all the nice things he does for me.

In honor of this for the next several weeks (till he moves to MN), I'll be telling you what I missed most that week about him being gone.

in no particular order

 staying up to finish the laundry. You see I'm extra tired as I write this post, due to the fact that I ran out of  clean undergarments and had to wait for the clothes to be dry. I refuse to leave the house with the dryer on. Not safe. Just today I had a friend telling me how two weeks ago her dryer caught on fire. no bueno.

filling up Herbie with gas. I hateeeee going to the gas station to get gas. somehow I always end up leaving with a new perfume gas station Armani. never fails. that shit takes foreva to rid yourself of that smell  foul odor.  only reason to hit up the gas station for a fountain soda and some beef jerky.

bringing me water, once I'm in bed. I know you're probably thinking what an effing spoiled brat she is. and yes that could be partially true. but I don't care. Ry-guy goes to bed later than I do, therefore, I might need some more water before I hit the hay. He is always up to serve me  bring me my beverage.

lastly, I MISS HIM. My best-friend, partner in crime, shopping pal and poor Dexter misses his Papa. Less than 24 hours before I get to see his face. eep.

pps sorry for the lame blog with no photos. I couldn't get the photos to do what they do.

ppss.  I'm sure some of you think that 4.5 days is nothing, and that's true. I couldn't imagine what military families do. Or people who have to travel for long periods of time for work. just wanted to clarify that, before the "hate mail" begins. mmmkthx.

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  1. I like this! I think it's sweet! Also, totally new to your blog but is your dog named after Dexter from the show?? I'm assuming yes! :)


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