we've all done things we're not proud of

and this is the story of one of them.

Let's start with the good, I made it Minnesota.  The 10 hours in the car can really drive a person nutso. Lucky for me I had little Dexter Morgan to entertain me. Sometimes when Dexie rides in the car he wants to sit in the drivers seat with me. (now you see this is my own fault, when he was a puppy I went to pick him up, an hour away and he rode in my lap home. I know, I know, BAD IDEA.)That doesn't fly when you are on the road for 10 hours and have a zillion other cars and things to pay attention to.

So we did what any good puppy parent would do...we drugged him. 

The vet gave us some medicine to calm the dogs down when its storming out, or when the asshole neighbor shoots off fireworks all effing day. I figured this might calm him down and make him sleepy and stay on his side of the car. oh boy he was sure sleepy and walking like a drunk little sailor when he finally did go out to pee.

Before the drugs... 

you are getting sleepppyyyyy......

no idea how this happened. I looked over at him and he was covering his little eyes from the sun

yup, the drugs are a workin'

he fell asleep in my lap as the car was sitting in the driveway, waiting to be unpacked.

so this my friends is me being a horrible puppy mama and drugging my son. eep. I can't even type that without feeling bad. 

After about 10-12 hours the drugs wore off. Mr. Morgan was his normal self the next day. Whew!


  1. We give Lily drugs for long car rides. It helps keep them safe -- you're a good mamma! So happy you made it safe and sound! We need to get together soon! :)


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