the most wonderful time of the year

and no its not Christmastime

I think I've told you about how growing up I wanted to be a Sportscaster on ESPN. I wanted to be Erin Andrews before there was an Erin Andrews.  anywho I have a huge love obsession  with sports, even NASCAR. Stop judging right now. unless you are sitting there thinking OMG we have ANOTHER thing in common.onward.

A lot of people hate the end of the Summer, not this girl. I get rather excited when I see "Back to School" garb at Target. This means the start of the most wonderful time of the year. College Football season. Now I know I've already lost some of you by talking about sports, sorry 'bout that. I'll be back on to nail polish and endless blog swap items next week.

One week from now my favorite (only) hometown team, the Minnesota Golden Gophers start their football season. woot! Now anyone reading this from Minnesota might ponder why the hell I still cheer for the Gophers. (for you out of staters, they suck, and lose a lot) but every year I think this could be the year they make it back to the Rose Bowl. WTF is the Rose Bowl, you ask? yet another blog.

See you in seven days Golden Gopher Football!

Do you cheer for any college football teams? Glad to see other gals in the Blogworld love their college football. Linking up with this gal to show you some of those lovely ladies. 

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