Nail Polish Swap Reveal

A few weeks back I signed up for one of my favorite swaps to date. A nail polish swap.  Thanks to Jenn and Whitney.
Nail Polish Swap
hello, we all know  how much this girl loves her nail polish. I was signed up with the wonderful Rhonda.  She sent me this wonderful Essie set. Funny thing is, I almost bought this online about two weeks ago. Great minds think alike! Thanks Rhonda.

Please stick around with me. I've been really bad at blogging lately. I've been in Minnesota the past two weekends. I forgot to set up guest bloggers. Anyone interested in guest blogging over here? Shoot me and email if you are.


  1. so glad you loved the polish! I wanna get this set for myself, but I have too many oranges already!

    I'll guest blog for you anytime!

  2. Whyyyyyyyy didn't I know about this swap?! Man, i missed out!


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