its OK Thursday

Its OK

to be over the moon, pee my pants excited that College Football begins TODAY!

to go to three Goodwill stores in one day and by over 20 books. whoops! Sorry Ry-guy.

to think that Ann Romney has been rockin' some serious style lately. Giving the First Lady a run for her money.

to apply at the same place 10 times so far. I can't help it if I my qualifications meet all those openings.

to love taking Dexter for a walk. I used to dread it. I'm thinking about doing it two times a day.

to not have a single thing planned for this Labor day weekend.

to be ecstatic to go to the video store and get tons of movies and lock myself in the house all weekend long.

What are you guys doing this weekend?


  1. My hubs works all weekend... so I've got no plans either! I might work on some custom orders or maybe a quilt I'm making... Or I might just lay around in the backyard soaking up some sun :)

    PS. Guess who was your blog angel? hehehehehe

  2. Haha, I love that photo of Homer! That's totally gonna be me this holiday weekend.


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