Friday's Letters

Dear Friday, nice of you to show up. Not having a job makes everyday blend together. Hoping to get a job soon, so I get excited to see you. Dear Minnesota, so glad to be here. Dear Missouri, I miss you a lot! I'm glad to hear you'll be getting the rain you so disparately need. Dear  MSU co-workers, I miss you guys even more. I hate that we became such good friends and now I'm not there anymore. Glad we've been able to keep in touch.

Dear Ry-guy, very soon we will be back in the same state together, it sucks balls for now being 10 hours and 600 some miles away. its for the best (at least that's what we have to keep telling each other) I love you more and more each day.

Dear Dexter, you're even more needy lately that I am. I don't know how that's possible. Dear movies made from books, why do you all have to SUCK BIG FAT BALLS. I just want one of you to be as decent as the book was. or even slightly close to the book. you don't need to change things to make it better for the big screen.

Dear Hunger Games, I will be seeing you soon. Once Ry-guy gets his ars up to Minny, we will be viewing you immede.

Dear Labor Day weekend, why did you have to show up so fast? I feel like I never got to enjoy Summer as much as I had planned. Next Summer, right?


  1. I watched the HG movie twice last weekend! Love it! Hilarious pic of you guys! Happy weekend!

  2. I'm crossing my fingers that you get a job soon cause as fabulous as being home all the time sounds, it's really not. Can't believe summer's over...where did it go & why did I not lay about the beach all day like I planned? Ugh. Like you said, next summer :/


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