A little Q&A-Blog Awards Style

last week the super cute Kristen from Keeping up with Kristen tagged me in her Liebster Blog Award  post. I was lucky enough to also be tagged by Tiffanie at Life with the Little Man. I love seeing all the fun things she does with her family. 

I'm supposed to tag people and tell 11 random facts about myself. I have shared a ton of random facts about me. You can see them here, and here.

1. Where is your favorite place to go on vacation? out West, camping in Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, Badlands, Jackson Hole, any of those places. 

2.  Pepsi or Coke? coke, diet coke, or DC as I call it. Very original I know. I haven't really had much soda lately. Ry-guy and I gave it up this year. 

3.  What is your most embarrassing moment?
Gosh I can't think of anything atm.

4.  What is the one thing you do every day for yourself that makes you happy?
read. I love to read. and snugglin' with Ry-guy and Dex.

5.  Which Disney princess are you most like?
hmm.. good question! I can't think of qualities that would make me most like any of them. I would say Aurora from Sleeping Beauty-just because she's my favorite Disney Princess.

6.  What is your favorite "guilty pleasure" TV show?
oohhh goodness, I have a lot of these. I haven't been able to watch as much TV as I'd like lately, life has been in the way. I really like Teen Mom, any of the Real Housewives. I like The Lying Game on ABCFamily-don't judge. and the train wreck known as the Bachelor Pad.

7.  Why did you start blogging?
8.  What is one thing that you cannot live without?
well I can't think of one. so I will have to say a couple Dexter Morgan, lip gloss, mascara, IPOD.

9. What's your favorite shopping website?
Amazon, they have EVERYTHING!

10.  What is your favorite beauty product?
I really like nail polish, but if you've followed this blog for any amount of time you'd know that. Lip gloss and mascara. I love crest white strips. 

11.  Who is your favorite blogger and why?
I don't really have a favorite. I enjoy reading all the blogs I subscribe to. All the blogs I read are so diverse and that's why I love them. Although, I feel like I've become close with EeshChris, Katie, Stephanie , Jess, and Courtney. I also love reading the adventures of Miss Kristen

Tiffanie's questions

(2.) Pop or Coke.... or just soda?

 soda. I hate when people call it "pop" ie. Ry-guy. its soda. Up in Minnesota everyone calls it "pop" annoys the crap outta me. 

(3.) Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

oh gosh, this one requires some thinking. hmm. I think Ry-guy and I will finally be married. Hopefully I will have an event planning career and he will be working towards running for the Office of the President.

(4.) What state are you from? Do you like living there?

 I'm from Minnesota, in Missoura now. Only for 14 more days. eep. I have a love/hate relationship with Missoura. I sure do love Minnesota. 

(5.) Favorite song your digging right now?

Hard 2 Love by Lee Brice. That boy is perfectly made. mmmhmmm.  
(6.) What was your favorite vacation? 

see above.

(7.) Are you a crafty person?

yes, I'd like to think so. you can see here about my craftiness or lack of.

(8.) What type of things do you blog about?

 anything and everything under the sun. Dexter Morgan, Ry-guy, Minneapolis, books, TV shows. 

(9.) Do you have any social media spots for your blog?

You can follow me  here on Instagram and Facebook.

(10.) Do you prefer to read the book or wait for the movie?

 read the book first, see the movie second. 

(11.) Favorite snack?

cheese please. sharp chedda cheese. mmm.

I'm going to be a poor sport and not tag anyone. I hope you've learned some useful things about me. 

later lovers!


  1. We have so many things in common! Reading is one of my favorite things to do. Teen Mom is addicting. I like Teen Mom 2 as well. Can we say guilty pleasure?!

  2. Aurora has always been my favorite Disney princess too. Never cared much for that Cinderella or Snow White, they're way too hyped up, haha. You know for someone who rarely paints her nails, I have a crap-ton of nail polish colors. I should probably send them your way ;)

  3. If I were to call it "soda" here, peeps would look at me funny. Everyone here calls it "pop."

    Love cheese too!

    Always fun to learn more about your bloggy friends. :)


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