Friday's Letters

Dear Friday, nice of you to show up. Not having a job makes everyday blend together. Hoping to get a job soon, so I get excited to see you. Dear Minnesota, so glad to be here. Dear Missouri, I miss you a lot! I'm glad to hear you'll be getting the rain you so disparately need. Dear  MSU co-workers, I miss you guys even more. I hate that we became such good friends and now I'm not there anymore. Glad we've been able to keep in touch.

Dear Ry-guy, very soon we will be back in the same state together, it sucks balls for now being 10 hours and 600 some miles away. its for the best (at least that's what we have to keep telling each other) I love you more and more each day.

Dear Dexter, you're even more needy lately that I am. I don't know how that's possible. Dear movies made from books, why do you all have to SUCK BIG FAT BALLS. I just want one of you to be as decent as the book was. or even slightly close to the book. you don't need to change things to make it better for the big screen.

Dear Hunger Games, I will be seeing you soon. Once Ry-guy gets his ars up to Minny, we will be viewing you immede.

Dear Labor Day weekend, why did you have to show up so fast? I feel like I never got to enjoy Summer as much as I had planned. Next Summer, right?


its OK Thursday

Its OK

to be over the moon, pee my pants excited that College Football begins TODAY!

to go to three Goodwill stores in one day and by over 20 books. whoops! Sorry Ry-guy.

to think that Ann Romney has been rockin' some serious style lately. Giving the First Lady a run for her money.

to apply at the same place 10 times so far. I can't help it if I my qualifications meet all those openings.

to love taking Dexter for a walk. I used to dread it. I'm thinking about doing it two times a day.

to not have a single thing planned for this Labor day weekend.

to be ecstatic to go to the video store and get tons of movies and lock myself in the house all weekend long.

What are you guys doing this weekend?


what I miss Wednesday (the Dexter Morgan-edition)

helloooo puppy pals. its Dex, my mom likes to call me by my full name Mr. Dexter Morgan. I hate that. she always says it when I'm in trouble. or when she gets overprotective. (can we say allllll the time or helicopter parent) she treats me like a baby still and I'm three, that's like 27 in dog years incaseyoudidntknow. mmk.

so my dad or my Papa as my parents call him is gone in Misery, I mean Missouri. He just had to get back and support my Mama and me. You see... she likes to spend lots of money on nail polish, make-up, books, don't get me started on these books. they've taken over the guest room, I hid in to get away from my 'rents. So that's why my dad is stuck down there. okay enough about Mom's crazy spending. Let me tell you why I miss my Papa.

I have nobody's face to lick in the morning, and don't even think I'm kidding. I have this problem, its called EXCESSIVE FACE LICKING. my parents tell me I'm the best at it. That I never stop, even when they want me to. You see my Papa has whiskers, Mama always yells him to shave his whiskers. I don't like him without whiskers. His face isn't as fun to clean.

My Papa and his whiskers. Mama said he might not want me showing this photo to you, but she doesn't care. 

his smooches-Mama misses those too. she is always smoochin' me. Its like get back woman, enough!

so I really like it when my Papa mows the lawn. I follow him all over. I dunno why but I just do. you see this thing called the vacuum, scares the pop right outta me.

playing the blanket game. you might ask, what the hayyyy is the blanket game?? well... its this game where my Papa gets a big quilt and rolls around on the ground and we fight play. Mama isn't nearly as good at this. she is always reading or painting her nails. 

he keeps my Mom from putting me in STUPID COSTUMES

notcoolatallmom. #Miserable.

he covers my "junk" when we take photos. its a guy thing. ladies you wouldn't understand. 

lastly, well I have a billion more things I could say about why I miss my Papa but... he doesn't make me do stupid Pinterest projects with him. does this look fun to you? 

so I miscounted. it happens when you have paws and not fingers. The very last thing I miss about my Papa is our family being together. Papa makes Mama very happy, and when Mama is happy she doesn't act all overprotective and shit. 

oh yeah if you like what I wrote you can check out my first ever post on my Mama's blog here


we've all done things we're not proud of

and this is the story of one of them.

Let's start with the good, I made it Minnesota.  The 10 hours in the car can really drive a person nutso. Lucky for me I had little Dexter Morgan to entertain me. Sometimes when Dexie rides in the car he wants to sit in the drivers seat with me. (now you see this is my own fault, when he was a puppy I went to pick him up, an hour away and he rode in my lap home. I know, I know, BAD IDEA.)That doesn't fly when you are on the road for 10 hours and have a zillion other cars and things to pay attention to.

So we did what any good puppy parent would do...we drugged him. 

The vet gave us some medicine to calm the dogs down when its storming out, or when the asshole neighbor shoots off fireworks all effing day. I figured this might calm him down and make him sleepy and stay on his side of the car. oh boy he was sure sleepy and walking like a drunk little sailor when he finally did go out to pee.

Before the drugs... 

you are getting sleepppyyyyy......

no idea how this happened. I looked over at him and he was covering his little eyes from the sun

yup, the drugs are a workin'

he fell asleep in my lap as the car was sitting in the driveway, waiting to be unpacked.

so this my friends is me being a horrible puppy mama and drugging my son. eep. I can't even type that without feeling bad. 

After about 10-12 hours the drugs wore off. Mr. Morgan was his normal self the next day. Whew!


the most wonderful time of the year

and no its not Christmastime

I think I've told you about how growing up I wanted to be a Sportscaster on ESPN. I wanted to be Erin Andrews before there was an Erin Andrews.  anywho I have a huge love obsession  with sports, even NASCAR. Stop judging right now. unless you are sitting there thinking OMG we have ANOTHER thing in common.onward.

A lot of people hate the end of the Summer, not this girl. I get rather excited when I see "Back to School" garb at Target. This means the start of the most wonderful time of the year. College Football season. Now I know I've already lost some of you by talking about sports, sorry 'bout that. I'll be back on to nail polish and endless blog swap items next week.

One week from now my favorite (only) hometown team, the Minnesota Golden Gophers start their football season. woot! Now anyone reading this from Minnesota might ponder why the hell I still cheer for the Gophers. (for you out of staters, they suck, and lose a lot) but every year I think this could be the year they make it back to the Rose Bowl. WTF is the Rose Bowl, you ask? yet another blog.

See you in seven days Golden Gopher Football!

Do you cheer for any college football teams? Glad to see other gals in the Blogworld love their college football. Linking up with this gal to show you some of those lovely ladies. 


what I miss most Wednesday

normally on a typical Wednesday I do a WILW post. Well seeing as life has been anything but typical lately, I'm going to get wild, get crazy and throw in a curve ball.  Right now the Mister and I are in the process of moving from Missoura back home to Minnesota. I'm sure you are all sick of learning about Minnesota and how much I love it. Sorry again in advance.

One of the worst things is that I'm already here in Minnesota and Ry-guy is down in Missoura. We've only been apart for an eternity 4.5 days. In the past few days I've really notice how much he does for me. Not that I didn't see this before. I am a very lucky girl to have Ry-guy and all the nice things he does for me.

In honor of this for the next several weeks (till he moves to MN), I'll be telling you what I missed most that week about him being gone.

in no particular order

 staying up to finish the laundry. You see I'm extra tired as I write this post, due to the fact that I ran out of  clean undergarments and had to wait for the clothes to be dry. I refuse to leave the house with the dryer on. Not safe. Just today I had a friend telling me how two weeks ago her dryer caught on fire. no bueno.

filling up Herbie with gas. I hateeeee going to the gas station to get gas. somehow I always end up leaving with a new perfume gas station Armani. never fails. that shit takes foreva to rid yourself of that smell  foul odor.  only reason to hit up the gas station for a fountain soda and some beef jerky.

bringing me water, once I'm in bed. I know you're probably thinking what an effing spoiled brat she is. and yes that could be partially true. but I don't care. Ry-guy goes to bed later than I do, therefore, I might need some more water before I hit the hay. He is always up to serve me  bring me my beverage.

lastly, I MISS HIM. My best-friend, partner in crime, shopping pal and poor Dexter misses his Papa. Less than 24 hours before I get to see his face. eep.

pps sorry for the lame blog with no photos. I couldn't get the photos to do what they do.

ppss.  I'm sure some of you think that 4.5 days is nothing, and that's true. I couldn't imagine what military families do. Or people who have to travel for long periods of time for work. just wanted to clarify that, before the "hate mail" begins. mmmkthx.


now hiring

wanted- Guest Blogger. 

requirements, blogger, likes to blog, would like to guest blog on this little blog.

just remember size doesn't matter. get your  heads outta the gutter. Size as in size of your blog, or the fact that my blog doesn't have 152184205615 followers. Just some amazing readers and followers of this little blog.

start date: ASAP, 2 months from now. You choose. Whenever you send me a post. I'll share it with my readers.

Please note-lots of exciting things happening in the Dexter Morgan household with the move  back home, finding a job and a new place to live. This (unfortunately) leave little room for a daily blog.

If you  might be interested in this opportunity please email me at dextermorgansmama@gmail.com. I'd love to hear from you!


beauty swap goods

I've done a lot of Blog Swaps, if you've been here before you'd know. Its a hardcore addcition. I love packages in the mail, full of things I (normally) like.  This time around I signed up for a Beauty Box with Tiffany.

Wow! I was blown away with the products I received. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Megan. I've never had anything Avon and I love everything I've tried.

You can see what I sent to the super cute Courtney.  I hope she enjoys everything I sent, as much as I loved to shop for her!


where I come from

I happened to come across Erin's cute blog and found this fun link-up she is hosting
Shades of Gray and a Pinch of Pink

I love talking about Minnesota but for now I will tell you about the Twin Cities aka Minneapolis/St.Paul.
When I tell most people I'm from Minneapolis the first this out of their mouth is "How cold is it/does it get up there?"  If I had a quarter for every time someone asked me this. I would be sittin' pretty.  
my response is "well it can get cold, but you kinda get used to -20 air temp, with a -40 windchill." 
 this is the look I normally get

yup that look.
 next question "how much snow is up there?" well normally there is a good amount of snow, like the year before we left MN to move to Missoura. 

that my friends would be "the beast" aka Ry' guy's wheels.  This photo can be misleading. This year for Christmas and there was NO SNOW and it was 65 and Sunny Christmas Day. go figure.

I think the most amazing thing about the Twin Cities is on most years, we have all four seasons. We enjoy all those seasons with different events and festivals. 

some people (not me) like to fish. ish. 
we get snow. In mid-March during the State Basketball Tournament we get (hopefully) the last dumping of snow. the calendar could say March 21st and the snow keeps falling. 
we start cleaning out our house and garage for some of the best garage-saling this side of the Mississippi.
Practice begins for Summer sports leagues. Let me tell you its no fun playing softball with snowflakes falling.
We start to head to the zoo. We're lucky enough to have two. The Como Zoo and The Minnesota Zoo.
we book our camping reservations at one of the 74 state parks for Memorial Day weekend. 
we buy tickets for the Minnesota Twins, who play at Target Field. which is thebomb.com 

as much as I like Target Field, I must tell you now that I am a Boston RedSox fan. (sorry Ry-guy)

Sweet Summertime

Summer season makes up for the massive amounts of snow we receive in the other three seasons. The large snow fall makes our Lakes, (over 10,000 of them) full for boating, tubing, jet-skiing, fishing, swimming, viewing of fireworks and drankin'.

We head up to our Cabins and enjoy the great outdoors.

 We camp in those great State Parks we have. 

We attend numerous County Fairs, City Festivals, Art Walks, Outdoor music concerts, Movies in the park, dinner and drinks on one of the many rooftop patios in the heart of the city. 


We get our belly ready to enjoy the feast at the Great Minnesota Get Together, otherwise known as the State Fair

For many the State Fair is the unofficial end to Summer. Parents and Kids start getting ready to head back to school. 

I will come back next week to share what we do to get us through Fall and (what can be) the long Winter. 


What I'm loving Wednesday

Another Wednesday, another WILW post.

I'm loving that for the past two weeks I haven't blow dried my hair ONCE. I'm pretty sure my hair loves me. When I finally do blow dry my hur it will be a shock to my system.

I'm loving my last few days in Missoura. Trying to not get sappy and emotional, yet... I have yet to write out the cards I purchased for my co-workers. 

I could be sappy hot mess. soon. VERY SOON.

I'm loving the cool nights here lately. We've been able to sleep with the windows open. I love the fresh air. It even smells like Fall. I love Fall!

I'm loving PB&J's. I eat one every day for lunch and just can't get enough of them.

I'm loving following fellow Bloggers on


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I'm loving Dexter Morgan, even though this morning he got into some of my make-up and perfume samples. Guess  he wants to smell like Britney Spears. 

I'm loving my Ru-guy. All the patience he's had with me in the process of the move

what are you guys loving this week?

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