Unwrapping Christmas in July-Blog Swap

Oops I did it again. Another swap. Jeesh! A while back I signed up for "Christmas in July".

 I was super excited to see what I might receive. My girl Kelly did not disappoint. 

All of my goodies...

Top- L-R.  This aaaaahhhhmayzing Peach Sparkle lotion from Bath & Body-works. Ryan told me to "slather that shit all over me every day." I'd say he likes it!  Nail polish-love!  Chelsea Handler book. I used to watch her show before bed, but now Mama can't stay up that late on a school night. She hand wrote notes to each item. It was so sweet.  Girl knows I love to scrapbook. She included some fun Summer time stickers. 
Bottom, L-R.  Two facial masks. I love these things. I've done the chocolate one before, and it smells like chocolate. YUM!  Some doggy treats for Mr. Dexter Morgan. He loved them. 

She also sent some lip-gloss that I seemed to have misplaced. 

 He even his friend Riley over for the past month and they shared a lot of treats. 

Miss Riley

sleepy lovers

Thank you sooooo very much Kelly! 


  1. What a fun package!! Happy Christmas!

  2. A ton of good stuff you got! Looks like you had a great swap partner!!

  3. What a great package! Chelsea Handler always cracks me up...I read Are You There Vodka? It's Me Chelsea and I thought it was hilarious!

  4. You got some great stuff! You HAVE to let me know how the book is..... its on my reading list!

  5. Yay what fun stuff! I didn't join this one!

  6. This is an awesome package! Thanks for participating and linking up!

  7. !!! I'm so glad you liked everything Jen!! and I'm super happy dex liked his treats <3

    kelly elizabeth

  8. Ahhhhh how awesome! I have been wanting to start a swap. I'm pretty sure this post just made my mind up:) It looks like so much fun!

  9. Such fun stuff!! I noticed you spoiled your partner with all her goodies :)

    xo Shane

  10. Hey! I nominated you for a bloggy award! http://tiffanieslife.blogspot.com/2012/07/who-me-im-flattered.html

  11. Wow, it's always amazing when someone that you are swapping with takes the time to find stuffe that they know you will love. Looks like you hit the jackpot!


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