if you really knew me

I've seen this a couple times in blog-land and thought I would give it a try.

you'd know I have bad anxiety. I take medicine for it. every.day.of.my.life.

you'd know I'm not a hugger  I do not hug.

you'd know I hate to vacuum.

 you'd know I have a love for puppy kisses. people think its gross. I don't.

you'd know that Dexter has a voice. He talks often. We each have a Dexter voice.

you'd know Ry-guy tucks me in at night. yup. puts the covers up on me. They all need to be straight. OCD much?

you'd know I can't stand hotel beds. I bring my own bedding. pillow and two blankets. one acts as a sheet.

you'd know I freak out in messy cars. I vacuum and wash my Herbie out every Saturday.

you'd know I am a really picky eater. I don't eat swine (pork), fish, mushrooms, tuna, cherry's, frozen dinners, popcorn, cantaloupe, honeydew melon, watermelon, almonds, original flavored potato chips, yogurt, cottage cheese, frozen pizza, thin mints (girl scout cookies),  and wayyy to many things to mention.

you'd know that I must have lip gloss all the time. 

( I found all in my purse just now)

you'd know to call me for directions to anywhere in Minneapolis/St. Paul.

you'd know I've never broken a bone.

you'd know I have terrible immune system and lungs. I can get sick at the drop of a hat. 

you'd know I'm a huge germ-a-phob. Maybe that's why I get sick all the time. 

you'd know I put a zero before  any month that is a single number.

you'd know that I've been every size from 00-18.

you'd know I would rather save all the animals from abuse, than have world peace.

you'd know I judge people. even though I don't mean to. I do. I admit it. most people don't.

you'd know I love talking about books, authors, and writing styles.

you'd know I have an extensive knowledge of baseball, football, hockey, basketball, figure skating, women's softball and gymnastics.

you'd know growing up I wanted to be a Princess, Miss America, or an ESPN Sportscaster. 

(me at 3 years old)

you'd know that every year from the time I was 11-20 we traveled out west to camp and explore National Parks. I have lots of photos, tips, place to go and places not to go out west, in numerous states. 

you'd know that I would clone Dexter if he died. 

you'd know that I believe "there's no place like home".

you'd know I didn't discover my love affair with reading until I met Ryan.

you'd know I dropped out of high school, only to go and get my GED.

you'd know have a huge "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Angel" obsession. I can tell you what episode is from what season, just by the title. 

you'd know people who haven't learned don't use their turn signal make me so angry. well they make me more than angry, but you get the point.

you'd know that I love my blog friends and thank you for reading all my deep dark secrets.

TGIF lovers. What are you doing this weekend?


  1. Love getting to know you a little more.
    We have so much in common. BTW

  2. I love this post! We have TONS in common!

    Anxiety, ditto.

    J tucks me in, oh it drives me crazy when the sheet is tucked under and the comforter and sheet are not perfectly lined up at the top. And, for get about it if I am wearing sleepy pants - the pants legs must be pulled down - no bunching!

    Fish. Mushrooms. Barf.

    I've been known to pull over and buy chap stick if I can't find one. Dry lips cause a brain malfunction, I swear!

    My birthday month, 07 not 7. :)

    Oh, and 8-24 sizing - ugh!

    I so miss 'Buffy' - I am sad they cancelled 'The Ringer'. :(

    And because this comment isn't long enough ... ha! Thanks for putting my button on your page. I just realized how hideous my button is. LOL I need to add yours back to mine, I totally forgot about buttons when I did my new layout!

  3. I am actually working in mine right now and its cool to see that a few of your items made it on my list :)

    Loved getting to know you more.

  4. I agree with most of these...and I'm glad my dog isn't the only one with a voice!

  5. Oh gosh, if I didn't know any better, I'd think that I wrote this! You & I have so much in common. We need to link up!!!


    Enjoy the weekend doll.

  6. Hey girl! Just wanted to drop by and say hey! I'm super excited for the swap!!

  7. Holy crap that a lot of lip gloss! I think I carry one with me but rarely ever put it on haha. I'm more of a chapstick kinda girl. My husband's a bit of a germ-a-phobe too, it's taken him years to be comfortable sharing an eating utensil with me.


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