Dexter's Birthday & Puppy Party link-up

Almost a month ago the apple of my eye, Mr. Dexter  Morgan turned the big 3. Here are some of the photos from his big day. I found a puppy birthday cake recipe and the pups loved it. ( I would have shared the great cake recipe, but I seemed to have already packed it for the big move)

Linking up today for the puppy and kitty photo party.

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  1. Happy Birthday, Dexter! Looks like you had a fabu celebration.

  2. Happy Birthday little dexter! You are so cute and deserve to be spoiled!! :)

  3. Oh Dexter ... you are one lucky puppy. 3...wow...you don't look a day over 2. Thanks so much for joining my party. I'm so glad your mom shared your party with us cuz it is sooo cool. I'm trying to drop the hint to my mom......blake


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