Dear Friday,

Linking up today for Friday's Letters

Dear Friday, Glad you're finally here. I wish we met more often.

Dear Herbie, thank you for a great drive to Minnesota last night. Even though we were driving till 8am today. You're getting better gas mileage with your new air filter. Yay!

Dear Ry-guy, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUBBA! I love you so much I can't even put it into words. I'm so excited to spend another birthday with you. The best part is we will be back in Minnesota for it.

Dear Minnesota, I love you, like a lot. You are so wonderful in every way.

Dear Instagram, I've become obsessed with you.  Please share your instagram name so I can stalk you, and feed my addiction.  dextermorgansmama is me. find me.

Dear Allergies, you suck bad! I should've known they would get worse in Minnesota.

TGIF loves!


  1. Happy Birthday to Ryan! Sorry your allergies but at least your back in MN! That makes me sooo happy! :)

  2. you, guys, are such an adorable couple! I'm so happy you're blessed to have each other...


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